How to join our community of artists?

You are enjoying Walli?

All our wallpapers come from a selected group of artists which we carefully select. Each of them is rewarded for their artworks as a percentage of our earnings.

If you are an illustrator, graphic designer or photographer and wish to show us your work and apply to be part of our group of artists, please follow the process below:

1. Go to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

2. Post an image that you think would be a good fit for Walli and include in your post: #wall4walli @walliapp.

We will review all the posts under the hashtag #wall4walli regularly and will contact you if we are interested in publishing your work on Walli. You can post as many submissions as you wish.

Thank you,

The Walli Team

Instagram: walliapp
Facebook: walliapp
Twitter: walliapp
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