Do you have an NFT profile pic? It’s time to prove you own it

5 min readSep 6, 2021

JPEGs are the flags of communities emerging on the metaverse. Wave them as a profile pic and you’re signalling where you’d like to belong and what you stand for. But are you really part of it?

It may have started with CryptoPunks but every web3 crypto degenerate now has an ape, a cat, a duck, a turtle, a zoo or a pixelated ghost on their socials’ profile pictures.

But it seems that there might be more than that beneath the surface as it’s not only JPEG collectors who are doing it anymore. Newcomers, fan-boys, posers and scammers of all sorts are joining in the trend and uploading NFTs’ JPEGs they don’t own as profile pictures.

You wouldn’t dare to pretend you own a real Picasso because tracking the real owner is easy enough to do thanks to physical certificates.

While the blockchain is great in awarding this certificates for JPEGs through NFTs, they are only great to the extent in which the owner’s identity is a wallet address.

Jon owns a SupDuck on a wallet address “0x1B..22bc1" and a Twitter account but no way to prove on Twitter he is the owner of that wallet and NFT.

We have multiple ID assets and multiple ID standards but at the moment they can’t communicate outside of their siloed worlds. Our mission at WalliD is to bring all identity assets together and to connect them across platforms.

Here’s how you can do it with your NFTs and Social network accounts:

👉 Go to

  1. Choose the project of an NFT you own

Select one of the projects available on the dropdown box and connect your wallet (only compatible with Metamask at the moment)

2.Provide your email and Twitter accounts

Your last acquisition from that project will be displayed. Edit the NFT #ID number if you wish to switch it. Provide your email address and Twitter accounts and request your verifiable NFT.

3. Claim your verifiable NFT in your email account

It may take a few hours before you receive the email. WalliD’s team will manually issue your verifiable NFT JPEG as an ID asset from within its’ Issuers platform. More about the Issuers platform and how ID assets are deployed here.

4. Get or sign into MyWalliD wallet

You’ll need a MyWalliD browser extension in order to get your newly issued ID asset containing a verifiable NFT. MyWalliD is the Metamask for ID assets and you’ll be able access, manage or add more from within it. Set up a new account and your sign in credentials. More on MyWalliD wallet here.

6.Sign MyWalliD with Metamask

By signing MyWalliD’s address with Metamask you’ll be to establish a verifiable chain of trust between your two wallet addresses without importing private keys or seed phrases into MyWalliD extension. With this Online ID asset you’ll be able to prove the combined ownership of Ethereum and ID assets such as your NFT’s and social network accounts.

6.Post your verifiable NFT on Twitter

Once MyWalliD is connected to the website you’ll see your verifiable ID asset containing the JPEG and verification QR code in it ready to be stored in your wallet or shared with the world. Click on “Tweet and Store” in order to prompt Twitter’s iframe with a preset post.

Note: You can edit the post but wallet address and account signature must remain in it as they are key piece to establish a verifiable chain of trust between your social account ID, wallet address and NFT ownership.

7. Download JPEG and upload as profile picture

Your ID asset with a verified NFT is now safely stored in your wallet and you can access it whenever you want from MyWalliD extension. Download it as JPEG and make it your profile picture on Twitter. You can also add other ID assets to its’ proof-of-identity before sharing on a different social networks.

How is the JPEG verifiable?

The ID asset contains the JPEG of your NFT and a QR code with a link to the proof-of-identity necessary to verify it’s data. That proof contains the NFT owner wallet address, the smart contract address of that NFT, his or hers social network account ID and a signature of that account ID with the owners’ wallet keys (verifiable on the post from step 5). Scan the proof and check it out for yourself:

All of this is possible due to the combination of different pieces of WalliD’s tech stack and you’re welcomed into getting to know more about it and try them out on our Website, Wiki and Discord.

Go take control of our ID assets,

WalliD team




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