Music has been a major part of my life since I was an infant. My dad sang to me every night. He was a songwriter — and played piano by ear. My mother also played by ear, and had a gift for harmony.

Dad sounded like Mario Lanza till the day he died. I was fortunate to have inherited his vocal ability…and my mom’s harmony.

I never knew how important the gift of song would be in my life — until my most recent divorce. The only time I feel like I’m back to normal is when I’m singing. So I sing. I volunteer at the Vets home. I sing Karaoke some times…of course I sing in the shower.

The bucket list craze never really meant anything to me. But I guess you could say on my list was making a jazz CD with just me and guitar.

I called a friend I know who is a guitarist (and happens to have a recording studio) and told him my plan. He said he’d love to do it — but in order to properly run the sound, I would need a different guitarist. He said, “I know a guy.” I live in Las Vegas — so I’m sure he did.

It turns out this “guy” was my friend’s guitar teacher when he was young. He’s a show band guitarist and loves jazz. We set the appointment.

I arrived, never having met the guitarist. I had a couple of charts. We never rehearsed. I just told him about the “groove” and what I wanted to do. And we did it.

I’ve added a YouTube link — of a song that has become my anthem. I hope you enjoy it. This particular experience was the beginning of my healing.

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