Top 10 Things Needed After Renovating Your Home

After spending a huge budget to renovate and repair your house from roof to basement. Don’t think your work is just done yet because renovating your house is just the basic step. What comes after is the mammoth task to make the now brand new but plain looking house look its best. There are many things to consider after renovating your house and discussed below are few basic and important things needed to be done after renovating your home.

Check list
When the renovation to your house has been completed, make sure that you grab your check list recheck all the pipe and plumbing work because the last thing you need is an undetected leak that ruins your newly renovated house.

Well one thing your will surely need to do after renovation is to clear you house of all that fine powdery dust. Although the contractors would have made sure to clean up their mess there is bound to be some fine powdery dust collected on your furniture and other items kept under wraps.

The primary thing needed for your house after renovation is some funky looking/traditional/modern décors that suits your taste. Setting up your house with beautiful portraits/paintings, vases and other such house accessories will not only add your house a timeless look but if done flawlessly, it will make your guests go dazed in awe.

The lighting of your house directly influences your house’s ambiance and sometimes even your mood. So setting up the proper colored lights at the right places is sure to bring out the best feel out of your house.

Remodeling definitely calls for clearance and new things. Therefore, instating new sofas, tables and shelves at least to your lounge will be a nice. If your already have good, lovely furniture then giving them a small make over by changing covers and colors is a best choice.

Curtains and binds
Fixing curtains and binds of appropriate color and material will enhance the fresh feel of your house after the renovation.

Carpeting your floor has its many own advantages like insulation, sustainability but prominent of all is its availability in different colors and patterns to match your gorgeous interior.

Safety instruments
Safety is a must at all times so make sure you install carbon monoxide alarm and fire extinguisher in your house for added protection.

Potted plants
Give some importance to your exterior too. Planting potted plants (hanging types are ideal) around your house is eco-friendly and also brings about a serene feel. But if you’re not a fan of working with dirt and soil, then just go for artificial ones.

Other miscellaneous
Stock up on basic miscellaneous from storage plastics to electrical necessities including fuses, batteries to emergency first aid kit.

Cheap but friendly
It is not necessary to always go for the expensive objects. There are many eco-friendly yet affordable things you can go for after renovating your house.

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