Walsall Blooming; the beginnings, grown from seed

Walsall Blooming grew from my love of seeing the beauty of my local outdoor space, however small and simple that may be, from a colourful pot plant, green grass growing, a blossoming tree, some painted wood, tweeting birds and buzzing wildlife, urban green-space, community gardens, allotments, flowering road verges and a general clean and tidy community and welcoming environment for all within it. I’d love to inspire my local community to feel my enthusiasm to utilise their gardens and the available outdoor space to get Walsall Blooming. So why not join me on a blooming wonderful journey?

About me: I live within the Walsall borough in Willenhall in heart of the West Midlands and have done for about 15 years now, I also work in Walsall within the community mainly in Bloxwich. I am born and bred in Wolverhampton as are my family.

My parents have always enjoyed gardening and keep a lovely garden. My Grandad especially was a keen gardener, who loved his greenhouse and his shed where amongst the tools he kept wriggling maggots boxed in sawdust for fishing, he always painted the shed with creosote and oil and he grew tomatoes, runner beans and mint on a patch in his garden. I have childhood memories of smells; creosote, compost, tomatoes and mint, its the concoction of those aromas that make me smile and inspire my love of gardening.

So if you share with me a love of your garden locally in Walsall or the nearby surrounding areas and you would like to learn more about your garden, gardening tips, local wildlife and you are keen to buy local, then please join me. I’d love you to share your photos, tips and experiences of your own gardens, outdoor space and your favourite green spaces, or your favourite garden centre or relevant local shop/trade that you use or recommend.

Join in with me on this journey and lets get Walsall (and surrounding areas) Blooming together and I pledge some ideas to get us going:

By the growth of flowers and the introduction of colourful outdoor space.

By the invitation of wildlife into our gardens and to see the kids join in and get dirt under their fingernails.

By utilising the available community public green-spaces and community gardens (that you may not of heard about).

By showcasing our local shops and trades and local events.

With this weekly blog I will also be featuring gardening inspiration, top gardening tips and beautiful photographs from our Black Country outdoor space and its local wildlife and some local businesses; aiming to inspire you to make Walsall Blooming!

Just to add, I am a novice amateur gardener- I have no formal gardening qualifications, but I will be sharing information from those in the know and sign posting you on. I am simply just a Black Country girl who loves her garden!

You can also follow me on:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WalsallBlooming

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/walsallblooming/

Email: walsallblooming@gmail.com

…and join me on a blooming great journey :)

I am a Black Country girl with my community at heart, love where you live, live where you love, join in with me….@walsallblooming
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