Dumb, Delusional Senate Encryption Bill. Or Clever.
Jean-Louis Gassée

“Congress will get to say that it listened; the Executive branch will get to complain that Congress can’t get them the tools they need. This is modern politics: Winning by losing.”

I wish I were as optimistic as our author about proponents’ motivations. This administration has made repeated attempts at bringing such rules to Congress (where it has generally been rebuffed); Sen. Feinstein appears a stalwart defender of FISA and other government spying programs.

(I found a transcript of the 1994 hearing on the Clipper technology; Ms. Feinstein appears not to have asked any questions, if she was even present. But I found nothing to show her refuting the goals of the utterly failed Clipper program, which apparently shares the identical goals & technological ideas as her current proposal. Also, the testimony there promoted identical points as raised above…harm to citizens; loss of business; impossibility of having partial security. Déjà vu.)

I think the issues here are well-understood; neither the Administration nor the sponsoring senators need to hear the truth repeated again.

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