Sunday Suggestion | “Don’t Debate.”

I recently received advice that I’d like to share. It’s far from revolutionary, but has positively impacted my life.

Does this scenario sound familiar? An early morning alarm goes off and you think, “Ah, hit snooze a few more times. You don’t need to get up yet.” Or what about, “Uh, I don’t feel like going to the gym. I’ll go after work.” I struggled with the latter constantly. Especially when it meant that I’d be getting in a cold pool at the crack of dawn.

Last month I was at a 5am swim practice and shared this mental battle with my lane partner. He said, “Don’t have the debate. The minute you start debating, it’s over. Roll your ass out of bed, and get in the water.” Simply put, he was right. I applied his logic, and haven’t missed a training since.

The advice also helped my 9-to-5. I work in sales, and the least desirable aspect of my job is cold calling. It’s incredibly easy to begin debating yourself when dialing strangers. “Maybe they’re eating lunch, and don’t want to be bothered… I bet they’re busy preparing for a presentation, I’ll call tomorrow.” The reality is, there is no good time. You’re interrupting someone’s day. Pick up the phone, and make the call. I stopped debating, and have increased my productivity & meetings scheduled.

Debating leads to excuse making and procrastination. Don’t do it. Whatever the scenario, make the task at hand an authoritarian. Remove democracy from your mind when it comes to accomplishing your daily activities that may lead to a faster finish at your next race or promotion.