The Miserable 6-Pack

If you’re an American reading this, then you’ve tried dieting. We all have, with varying degrees of success. Personally, I failed every single time. Weight would drop momentarily before some motivational event (spring break, beach season, a music festival), and then I would gain it all back. On a few occasions, I achieved single digit body fat, which is when the abdominals start to show. And during each 6-pack driven diet, I was absolutely miserable!

Diets are the worst because they don’t work in the long term. No one wants to count calories/macros or adhere to strict portion controls. Most will comply with their meal plan for a certain amount of time, but eventually quit. Wouldn’t it be more enjoyable to just eat until we’re satiated, and not have to worry about all the minute details?

The solution is to practice a life-long pattern of healthy eating. Unfortunately, “healthy” is hard to define in our society. We are constantly exposed to conflicting messages on what to eat. I became frustrated with having to sift through all of the noise. So over the past year, I stopped listening to opinions, and started paying attention to the science.

The best available balance of evidence published in the peer-reviewed medical literature today, tells us that we should be consuming a whole food, plant-based diet. It is the only dietary pattern associated with, on average, an ideal body weight. I wish I was intelligent enough to condense all of research into a bite-size post, but I’m not. Therefore, I’d like to share just 3 reasons why this lifestyle will help you lose weight for the long haul.

1. No Restrictions: All You Can Eat!

There is no calorie counting, or portion control. On average, you will be consuming 400 fewer calories, while at the same time eating as much as you want. This is due to the energy density of plants. They contain a significant amount of weight without lots of energy. Therefore, opting for fruits, vegetables, and legumes over meat will leave you feeling full on less calories.

2. Burn More Calories While You Sleep!

Eating a plant-based diet has been shown to boost your resting metabolic rate by 11% compared to non-vegetarian diets.

3. More Nutrients!

Eating meat-free provides higher intakes of nearly every nutrient: more fiber, Vitamins A, C, E, and B, along with calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium. While consuming far less saturated fat and cholesterol. And, yes, plants provide plenty of protein! On average, vegans get 70% more protein than the recommended daily requirement.

If you’re tired of moving from one fad diet to the next, then I encourage you to go plant-based. I promise that it will be the best decision you’ve ever made regarding personal health & well-being. If you don’t know where to start, then please feel free to message me. I’m happy to be a resource.