The most intimidating moment when going to college is being surrounded by thousands of other young leaders who are all thinking the same thing. “WHAT DO I DO NEXT”. Walking onto campus for the first time is a terrifying experience but if executed correctly, can be life changing. The first thing to get out of your head is stop thinking about your classes. It’s your first year and you’re going to take general credits so it doesn’t matter, not to mention numerous Major changes which will ultimately frustrate you even more. What you should be thinking about is NETWORKING.

It’s the first day, you don’t know anyone and neither do they. What’s going to set you up for success is meeting as many people as possible, diversify your friendship portfolio and I promise you will learn more than any class will ever teach you.

Yes, It’s difficult to walk up and introduce people but odds are most of them you’ll never see again. By introducing your self to other students you will

  1. Meet really cool people who will turn into life long friends
  2. Get used to the idea of introducing yourself to the unknown
  3. Begin developing a strong network of people through which you have unlimited potential
  4. Take the first step towards proving your ability to see the world through the eyes of people outside of your town (EMPLOYERS LOVE THAT).

So relax, the only person putting pressure on yourself is you. If you’ve come this far already, take the next leap and meet some people, you’ll thank me later.