Kevin Durant, Short Cuts, and Short Change

My social media feeds have been on fire with the news of Kevin Durant going to play for the Golden State Warriors. The discussions range from the vitriolic condemnation of his decision, to blind support for it. Stephen A. Smith (not my favorite commentator) called it “the weakest move I’ve ever seen from a superstar”. Harsh words indeed! In my opinion O.J. Simpson holds the undisputed title for the weakest move by a superstar, but hey what do I know.

In all of this hullabaloo, something very meaningful is being lost. By taking a shortcut to get a ring, Durant is short changing himself, he is missing a huge opportunity. It’s bigger than sports, these moments occur in one form or another in everyone’s life. Each of us are faced with the choice to take the seemingly insurmountable journey, or the shortcut.

“The destination is the same, but depending on the chosen road, you either are or you will never be.”

Adversity offers us pain yes, but also the opportunity to transform who we are. When transformed by a difficult journey we reach the destination able to scale even greater heights. We become imbued with a confidence that can only be earned, and a deep knowing that we are capable of accomplishing anything we put our mind to.

When my partner and I started Quick Key, I had no idea the difficulties we would face (I had zero business experience, just a clever solution to a very pesky problem). We had to learn how to make great software with our team, and then most importantly how to sell it. On many occasions, I considered the easy button, buying a prepackaged solution for software development, marketing or sales.

I am so grateful we didn’t take any shortcuts. I am grateful for the journey, as it has changed me and my team forever. I can do things now that I would never have imagined I could do. As we finish successfully implementing the seventh project with our biggest customer, Quick Key stands at a plateau preparing for a future beyond our wildest imagination. It is so much sweeter because we did not take the easy road, we fought, worked, and earned every inch of progress.

The shortcut short changes you. The difficult journey, however, permanently transforms your being.

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