You are not alone.

I received a DM on Instagram

It was one of my former students, he is 16 now. He told me he was having a “very, very hard time with everything”. In the way that adults sometimes do, lacking an understanding of the depth of a young person’s pain, I told him he would be fine and that everything gets better. He responded with “you are so full of hope, and I admire that. But I don’t have any of that type of feeling in me right now”.

Certain language requires an immediate parent communication

I reached out to his mother to ask how he was doing and relay what he had said to me. His mom shared that her son was struggling with a personal challenge and that the family was addressing it. After getting permission from mom to speak with him a little more in depth, I reached back out to check in.

“Why is everyone so completely and totally broken?”

We had a long chat, laughing at how hilarious he was in middle school, discussing the purpose of life (he had amazing insight!), and why we as humans face the struggles we face. “Why is everyone so completely and totally broken?” he asked. “I have absolutely no idea, but we all are. Some are just experts at hiding it, while others wear it on their sleeve”, I replied.

I know one thing

We go through our most painful experiences so that we can be who we need to be for someone else later on. Someone we’ve never even met, who may not even be born. Yet, they are fiercely depending on us to find our way through our darkest times. So that we can be the one that helps them to know that they are not alone.

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