Telegram Open Network Update July 2018

Meanwhile the process on the Telegram Open Network (TON) development:

- Development of the TON Blockchain is well underway. 388 source files committed, 90,345 lines of new C++ code, 260,655 words, 2,661,296 bytes. Significant progress in TON P2P Network, including the complete code for propagating new blocks.

- Finished work on the TON Virtual Machine for smart-contract execution — a crucial element of the Blockchain. Accompanied by a new 130+ page manual by Dr. Nikolai Durov (currently being proof-read, we will send it to investors along with a summer update on TON progress as soon as its done). New optimized language, based on Forth (called Fift)

- Now working on the complete Blockchain format specification (~35% done). On track for summer release of Minimal Viable Product and Test Network.

I wonder what other protocols will be needed once TON launches their 200+ mln cross-country network