Waltix.Platform was presented to the participants of the Moscow Ticketing Forum 2018

March 22 within the specialized trade fair Moscow Ticketing Forum 2018 at the “Otkritie Arena” stadium the presentation of the functional of the innovative ticket platform took place. Sergey Kretsu, the operating director of Waltix.io, told about global problems of the ticketing market and solutions based on Waltix.Platform.

“Today most methods and systems are obsolete and unsafe. Using blockchain technologies such as Waltix.Platform, you will once and for all get rid of scammers and speculators, you will start to make profit from sales in the secondary market, said Sergey Kretsu. — We create a completely secure system with an unprecedentedly powerful and flexible functionality, effective for both organizers and end users. Waltix makes all processes transparent. You see all the moves, all the possibilities, all the profits. You see them and you will not miss them. “

Waltix.Platform is an absolutely new stage in the development of ticket platforms in two directions at once: flexibility and security. Never before has the event organizers had so many opportunities to form a flexible pricing policy on a platform with an integrated security system.

The security and integrity of the system is ensured by blockchain technology, and the use of smart contracts allows the organizers to regulate all aspects of ticket handling, including in the secondary market, which leads to additional profits.

“We call this concept “Smart ticket”, — said Waltix operating director. — The rules of circulation, including in the secondary market are built into the ticket. Only you decide on what terms it can be given as a present or returned, how many times it can be resold and which the maximum price can be. And most importantly, what percentage you will get with each resale. Waltix.Platform adheres to the principle of “Your ticket. Your rules!”. It ensures the security of all operations with the ticket within the rules and records the whole history of the ticket in a blockchain, distributed registry protected from changes.”

Mobile applications users also benefit from using a safe environment and also receive a lot of new functions, including not only the possibility to present as a gift or resell a ticket, but also to receive personal recommendations.

“Blockchain gives unlimited opportunities for data analysis and forecasting the popularity of events,” Sergey Kretsu said. — For organizers of events, this will be a system of statistical analysis and decision support. For end users, a recommendation system that takes into account a lot of parameters: gender, age, preferences, geolocation, sales statistics and so on. This system we consider to be the central element of applications for the end users. Our aim is to offer them the events that are near them and are most likely to interest them.”

Learn more about the project on Waltix official website.

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