We bring a smart ticket to a single standard

On the second day of the ticketing forum, a discussion was held on the development of a single ticket standard in blockchain.

Today it is difficult to imagine the market without electronic tickets, but they are replaced by a new generation of systems that implement the concept of smart ticket.

Waltix.io operating director Sergey Kretsu noted that the event organizers will benefit from the use of blockchain technology and it is important for them to take the first step, to put it into practice, and the developers will somehow adjust to their needs and develop a standard for exchange of ticket information.

Participants in the discussion defined the functions and characteristics that should be included in the smart ticket, noted the need to create a standardized ticket form for easier integration and exchange between different systems.

Participants also noted the need to support the standard at the legislative level.

Learn more about the project on Waltix official website.

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