A Techno Geek’s Way to Transform the Agriculture Development

Oct 26, 2019 · 9 min read

40 People Changing the Agriculture Campaign by The 5th Shenzhen Modern Green Agriculture Expo:

Waltonchain founder Mo Bing

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Mo Bing: Founder of Waltonchain, graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology, Ph.D. and postdoc in Engineering, Professor of Korea University, Associate Professor of Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Senior Expert of GOME Finance Blockchain Research Institute, IoT expert, IC specialist, Expert of the Science and Technology Program of Fujian Science and Technology Department and of Jiangxi Science and Technology Department. Presided over 10 scientific research projects at various levels, published more than 20 papers and applied for 18 invention patents. Currently, mainly engaged in research on integrated circuits and blockchain.


Agriculture, countryside and farmers are the three weakest aspects in China’s development.

In recent years, these directions are getting addressed along with the development of China’s economy and society. China has increased poverty alleviation, enhanced support for the agricultural industry, and improved technology, capital and policy support for new farmers returning to the countryside.

At present, people’s requirements for safety and health of agricultural products have come to contradiction with traditional planting methods, which is a major restriction for agricultural development. Application of new technologies such as blockchain, chips, sensors and software creates smart agricultural management solutions for traceability that allow for recording, storage, traceability, immutability and real-time monitoring of data of the whole agricultural production processes. Agricultural production no longer depends on experience but has smart, scaled and traceable management: this is the solution based on blockchain and provided by Mo Bing’s Waltonchain — the Global Leader in Blockchain + IoT.

New Issues Faced by New Farmers Returning to the Countryside

Wang Qiang is a new farmer who has returned to the countryside. He is now managing a vineyard at his hometown in Fujian Province, China, and selling his own grapes to the whole country through a network platform.

After graduation from college in 2007, Mr. Wang went to work in big Chinese cities like most other people did. He worked very hard, but the fierce competition made him feel anxious. On his 30th birthday, he was thinking about his future for a long time and finally decided to go home as a farmer.

Mr. Wang’s parents have planted grapes for a lifetime. Customers from other parts of the country have always determined the price of grapes. During a good year, his parents may earn some money. When it’s a bad one, a year’s work is in vain and they also lose money. Mr. Wang thought that his family’s income would be much higher than that of workers in big cities if they sold grapes a little bit lower than the market price.

People have a great demand for a secure and reliable source of grapes due to vicious incidents such as excessive pesticide residues or spraying of highly toxic pesticides and formaldehyde. Mr. Wang’s parents have been planting grapes for decades and have rich experience in growing healthy, safe and delicious grapes.

Mr. Wang used his knowledge, social relationships and new media tools to promote and sell his own grapes through the Internet. It seemed nice at the beginning. However, more and more urgent issues came up during the promotion process. How to prove to others that grapes from his vineyard grow in accordance with the green food operation process? How to prove that he sprays no highly toxic pesticides at his grapes?

A Package of Traceability and Management Solutions for Mr. Wang’s Vineyard

Mr. Wang started to search for solutions to these issues. He accidentally learned from a former workmate that Waltonchain uses blockchain + the IoT technology to build an autonomous decentralized smart agricultural ecosystem covering the full process from planting to sales and performing all-weather seamless monitoring and precise tracing with mutual trust. After an in-depth discussion with Waltonchain engineers, Mr. Wang finally confirmed the vineyard planting data monitoring and management system and quickly installed and commissioned it at his vineyard.

The solution not only addressed the recording and query issues of the whole planting process of the vineyard but also provided the vineyard with big data monitoring. Vineyard planting and management have become independent of experience and have made a step towards smart agriculture. Blockchain technology within the system ensures the immutability and security of data and lays the technical foundation for traceability of agricultural products.

Waltonchain Blockchain + Smart Agriculture Platform

Now, customers of Mr. Wang can learn about the real-time dynamics of the vineyard, including details of the grapes planting process at a specified day, through the vineyard website. The solution by Waltonchain successfully solved the trust issue in transactions with new agricultural products.

The World’s First Traceable 330-Acre Rice Loach Production Base

Waltonchain and Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SAAS) reached cooperation to create the world’s first applied eco-agricultural traceability project based on the blockchain technology — Daoqiu Gongsheng (Rice Loach Symbiosis). This project adopts the traceability solution of Waltonchain and scientific research experience of SAAS. In Daoqiu Gongsheng, loaches take in natural weeds and microorganisms from the water in rice paddy and generate metabolites to replace fertilizers for rice growth. This production model is more environmentally friendly and healthier. The production process of Daoqiu Gongsheng includes 24/7 monitoring of all stages: planting, loach cultivation, rice processing, packaging, warehousing and transportation — to ensure that consumers have safe and healthy rice.

Waltonchain Blockchain + Smart Agriculture Platform
Waltonchain Blockchain + Smart Agriculture Platform

Currently, the project is the world’s largest rice loach symbiosis production base backed by the blockchain technology. Its area is more than 330 acres. The Daoqiu Gongsheng series of products, including rice loach, rice shrimp, rice crab and rice snail, has won praise from all walks of life.

Smart Micromarket to Solve Consumption Traceability

In order to solve the consumption traceability issue, Waltonchain has invested heavily in the development of the smart micromarket system. Each smart micromarket covers an area of less than five square meters and accommodates more than 800 kinds of commodities for 24/7 sales. Each commodity carries a chip identificator which records all the information about it. Consumers only need to scan a QR code on the micromarket door to open it, take out the goods they need and close the door to complete the whole shopping process. It is as convenient as taking things from your own refrigerator. The key to such convenience is the smart chip developed by Waltonchain. When the customer closes the door, the Smart Micromarket automatically generates a shopping list based on the “lost” chip and charges the account provided by the customer.

Smart Micromarket

Smart Micromarket uses big data to reduce fresh food loss. The combination with AI, the IoT, blockchain and other technologies simplifies the transaction process, reduces labor costs and establishes a traceability mechanism to allow consumers to buy and eat fresh food safely.

At present, the Smart Micromarket project of Waltonchain has been successfully implemented in Guangzhou city, Guangdong, China. Local residents have experiened the new retail model of Blockchain + AI + Eco-Agriculture. The diverse goods and convenient shopping experience have been recognized by many local residents.

Mr. Zhong: All the basic things can be bought here.

Waltonchain plans to expand the Smart Micromarket project to 1000+ communities in Guangzhou in 2019, to cover Shenzhen, Shanghai and other major cities both in Guangdong Province and across China in 2020, and to cover South China, North China, Guangdong Province, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in 2021. In the future, Smart Mircomarket will enter all communities in China to truly realize shopping of high-quality and safe goods at home.

China’s Agricultural Industry Development Promotion with Blockchain

Mr. Wang is an epitome of all customers of Waltonchain. In China, more and more farmers return home and use new technologies and ideas to engage in agricultural production. They adopt the technical solutions provided by Waltonchain to achieve success, start a business in the countryside and contribute to the development of China’s agricultural industry.

The 330-acre Daoqiu Gongsheng project is one example of Waltonchain’s technical practices in the agricultural industry and attention to agricultural industrialization and large-scale production.

The Smart Micromarket project solves the consumption traceability of agricultural products, so that they are monitored from production to consumption to ensure safety.

Waltonchain is using blockchain technology to promote the agricultural industry development in China.

Higher Pursuit of Waltonchain: Blockchain + IoT Systems Industry Solution Provider

Waltonchain is an underlying commercial public eco-chain. As the leader in Blockchain + the IoT, it uniquely combines blockchain technology with RFID. On this eco-chain, merchants can build a variety of child chains according to their needs to monitor the entire commodity circulation process, including production, logistics, warehousing and retail. As a typical commercial eco-chain, Waltonchain ensures that all data (including property rights data, commodity circulation data, etc.) is authentic. Through the reader chip and tag chip developed in-house, all the circulation data of goods are automatically and quickly uploaded to blockchain to avoid human interference, minimize the possibility of data tampering and create a fair, transparent, traceable, authentic and trusted new-generation business ecosystem.

Based on chips, modules, sensors and smart terminals, Waltonchain provides global Blockchain + the IoT solutions, related software and hardware products, platforms and services. Industry solutions cover smart agriculture, smart security, smart healthcare, education and culture, finance, logistics and more.

At present, Waltonchain’s smart agriculture project development has been fruitful. It uses Blockchain + the IoT technology to build an all-weather, seamlessly monitored, precisely traced, decentralized, autonomous business ecochain with mutual trust covering the whole process from production to sales.

The project’s main users are manufacturing enterprises for agricultural products and middle and high-end consumers.

2B: Construction or provision of access to a whole industry chain software + hardware smart monitoring system covering cultivation, processing, warehousing, logistics, retail and consumption. Effective improvement of cultivation efficiency, product quality, enterprise image and added value of agricultural products. Full utilization of agricultural resources to realize traceability of agricultural products and sustainable development of agriculture. Big data analysis for deep exploration of end user consumption behavior. Big data support for smart agricultural enterprises.

2C: Construction of a smart agriculture retail terminal system for consumers to facilitate accurate traceability and one-click recognition of genuine products. Easy purchase and consumption.

Mo Bing: Using Blockchain Technology to Promote the Agricultural Development

Science and technology are the primary productive forces. As a technical geek, Mo Bing has always believed in the power of science and technology. He firmly believes that Blockchain + the IoT technology of Waltonchain will reshape the agricultural ecology.

Waltonchain was born at the right moment. Producers’ demand for smart agriculture has prompted them to choose advanced technology for scientific cultivation. Therefore, smart backend management and agricultural application of advanced technology are the key development directions of China’s agricultural modernization. In an urge for food safety, people have strong demand for safety and traceability of agricultural products. The blockchain technology can solve it properly due to data recording, saving, query and tamper protection in production.

Mo Bing does not forget his initial vision. He contributes to China’s industrial development using technology, changes agriculture and the world using blockchain.


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The official medium account of Waltonchain. For more information on Waltonchain, please visit /r/waltonchain on Reddit.

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