Announcement on Waltonchain Mainnet Open Source Testing

Dear global supporters of Waltonchain,

The Waltonchain mainnet open source testing is about to start. Besides previously mentioned SMN holders, Knights and Community Autonomous Node Managers, we would also like to welcome more interested community members with technical background to participate in testing. Please apply for participation before March 15 as follows:

1. Send an email with subject Waltonchain Open Source to;

2. Provide your community user name and explain the reason for participation in testing (such as your relationship to Waltonchain);

3. Qualified applicants will be waitlisted; and Waltonchain team will select the participants.

In order to show our appreciation to the participants, after completion of the required testing procedure, each participant will be rewarded with 50 WTC. Top 10 contributors will receive an extra 200 WTC reward.

Thank you for your continuous support!

Walton Chain Foundation

March 6, 2019

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