Announcement on Waltonchain Source Code Third Party Auditing

Dear global supporters of Waltonchain,
In order to fully guarantee the security of the Waltonchain parent chain, the Waltonchain parent chain will be reviewed by a third-party code audit company.
The audit of the Waltonchain parent chain will be carried out by cyberspace security experts Knownsec Inc. Knownsec is a Tencent-backed company which provides first-class network security solutions for the government agencies and many established enterprises
This audit includes business logic, code implementation, deployment implementation, peripheral interfaces, wallet apps and explorer, and focuses on smart contracts and attack protection. The audit time is expected to be one and a half months, therefore Knights and SMN testing and partial open source scheduled for Feb 20, 2019 as well as full open source and mainnet swap start will be postponed accordingly.
Please stay tuned for the official announcement of the updated schedule.

Thank you for your continuous support!

Waltonchain Foundation

February 20, 2019