Citylink Awarded the Best Application Solution Award at the Annual IoT Star Award 2017

On March 19, 2018, the results of the three-month IoT Star Award 2017 — China IoT Industry Annual Selection were announced. Waltonchain subsidiary Citylink was awarded the Best Application Solution Award for its project “Smart sanitation management system based on NB & Beidou technologies”.

Huawei, Microsoft China (The Most Influential IoT Platform Award), China Telecom Beijing Research Institute (The Best Innovative Product Award), China Unicom (The Best Application Solution Award) and other renowned Chinese enterprises received awards at this event.

Credential for “The Best Application Solution Award” received by Citylink

The IoT Star Award was established in 2008. Due to its fairness and great influence on the industry, it is often referred to as the IoT industry Oscar in China. The 2017 IoT Star — China IoT Industry Annual Selection was sponsored by the China IoT Industry Application Alliance, organized by Ulink Media. Representatives of organizing committees of IoT associations from all around China and served as industry and public experts during the selection.

The “Smart environmental sanitation management system based on NB & Beidou technologies” project which has won the Best Application Solution Award is an independently developed innovative upgraded management system for environmental sanitation.

The project integrates the Internet, the IoT, Beidou positioning system, GIS, NB-IoT, mobile communication networks and other information technologies. It transforms the conventional environmental protection model “heavy labour force, wide scope, complex activities” which relies heavily on human supervision and effectively helps develop the traditional manual work in urban sanitation and cleaning towards automation.

It transforms the extensive cleaning into fine cleaning and realizes the four-directional sanitation management modernization, which includes fine supervision, real-time disposal, management mapping and system integration.

The innovative Smart Environment Sanitation System by Citylink relies on such new technologies and equipment as the Sanitation Smart Watch based on the Beidou positioning technology, the self-developed and patented Smart Trash Can Housekeeper and the Ultra-Low-Power Distance Detection Device. It provides the corresponding sensing equipment, smart terminals and a system platform for the environmental sanitation management. This project creates a human-activity-object multi-element smart interconnected network, improves the management and efficiency of the sanitation industry greatly, effectively assists the government departments in successful marketization of sanitation, forms big data for sanitation and eliminates the offline information bases.

Currently, the innovative service product integrates such information technologies as the Internet, the IoT, Beidou positioning technology, GIS, NB-IoT and mobile communication networks. It gradually enters the medical care, food industry, housing, travelling, leisure and other life scenes, adhering to the “scientific and technological innovation” and “service speed” to provide users with smart services and improved experience.

As a leader in blockchain + IoT, Waltonchain has a profound understanding of the blockchain technology, data security and reliability, and is committed to boosting the “blockchain + IoT” development of the whole industry. Being a technical supporter of Waltonchain, Citylink boasts of rapid development in the industry and numerous industry awards. It partners with the leading enterprises in various industries to expand its application. We believe that in the future Citylink will assist Waltonchain in development of more powerful and open blockchain business model based on its IoT strength.

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