CAST-USA Members Visit Citylink

On Dec. 12, Dr. Zou Yunfeng of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST) USA, visited Citylink Technology alongside his team to have a thorough discussion about the application of big data. Dr. Zou Yunfeng is the founder and executive director of Nanjing Yuli Information Technology Co., and serves as a liaison for CAST. Lin Herui, Chief Executive Officer of Citylink and project implementation manager for Waltonchain, accompanied Dr. Zou over the course of the visit and communicated the inner details of their latest R&D that lead to the recent achievements of Citylink Technology in regards to big data systematization management, smart applications of urban IoT, and Waltonchain.

Photo of Lin Herui (center), Dr. Qiu Shiwei & Dr. Zou Yunfeng

At the end of the visit, Dr. Zou raved about Citylink’s intelligence applications and the technology based on big data + IoT + blockchain. Lin Herui and Dr. Zou often reached consensus with regards to big data intelligence analysis and its implementation, and Dr, Zou expressed the interest to further cooperate with Lin Herui and Citylink as they tackle these initiatives. Dr. Zou offers Citylink strong, far-reaching influence within big data and IoT industry development. Open collaboration between CAST and Citylink means that Waltonchain will have a wider reach in the USA and will present numerous collaboration opportunities between the two parties and their associated businesses.

Who is CAST?

The Chinese Association for Science and Technology, U.S.A. (CAST-USA) is a non-profit professional organization founded in August 1992 in New York City. It is one of the most-recognized organizations among Chinese professionals within the United States. Currently, there are more than 8,000 members within CAST, many of which are high level employees or hold management positions within Global Fortune 500 companies. There are close to twenty subordinate associations across more than thirty states in America, and several offices in China.

CAST has established strong ties with the scientific communities in both the USA and China, and has executives from the likes of IBM and Siemens. The majority of CAST-USA members are Chinese-American professionals holding advanced degrees in science and technology, education, business, law, medicine, art and other fields of endeavor. CAST serves as a “bridge” between the United States and China for both personnel and information exchanges, and for the cooperation in science and technology, economic, trade and other areas. CAST also establishes cooperative relations with American corporations, enterprises, institutions and organizations, to create favorable conditions and environment for cooperation between the American and Chinese people in seeking funds, market development, technology transfer and investment opportunities between the United States and China.

Who is Citylink?

Xiamen Citylink Technology Co., Ltd., is affiliated to Silicon Technology, and was created to provide IoT solutions and service to its ever growing business network. Citylinks core businesses are intelligent software and hardware product to provide system solutions, its mission are to continue to provide highly efficient IoT solutions for smart sanitation, smart municipalities, smarter oceans, smart communities, smart parks, IoT towns, smart cities and other far reaching applications of IoT. Citylink also provides R&D for communication hardware products such as NB-IoT, LoRa etc. The Big Data Wisdom Sanitation Management System developed by Citylink recently won the “Global IOT Summit 2017 Outstanding Product Award”.