Citylink wins the Outstanding Product award at the Global IoT Summit 2017

The Global IoT Summit 2017 is the first global Internet of Things showcase event to be held in Shanghai. It involved a large number of domestic and foreign businesses including big industry enterprise consortiums and industry leaders. Citylink Technology, which is a subsidiary of Silicon tasked with the Smart City implementation for Waltonchain, attended the summit.

Xiamen Citylink Technology Co., Ltd. won the Outstanding Product Award for their Smart Waste Management System. Amongst the award winners were international giants such as Huawei, Ericsson (of Sony Ericsson), China Telecom, Ofo, IFLYTEK, Fudan Microelectronics and more. It is no small feat to be recognised alongside names like these.

“2017 Global IoT Summit Series Awards” were issued by more than 20 multinational Internet of Things industry organizations, and identified products that were considered to be of high commercial value. Through the integration of the Internet, Internet of Things, BeiDou location tracking technology (BDS), GIS, mobile communication networks and other information technologies, the traditional waste management system was upgraded to be increasingly automated and efficient.

The system proposed fully realizes the “four modernizations” of waste management: precise waste level supervision, real-time disposal, full management mapping and system integration. It includes independent patented technology such as sanitation smart watches for staff, smart trash cans, ultra-low power multi-channel detection devices, and other advanced technology and equipment for all levels of environmental waste management. Equipped with corresponding sensing equipment, intelligent terminals and systems, we are able to connect people, things, and most importantly data, to greatly enhance the management and operational efficiency of the waste industry.

Figure 1: Screenshots from the Citylink Smart Waste Management application based on Waltonchain

The solution is able to effectively assist government departments to smoothly promote the commercialization and monetization of sanitation with the formation of big data and the elimination of information silos. It allows energy and fuel savings, smart route optimization, sustainability compliance, less waste buildup, and happy citizens! Using such a solution in conjunction with the Waltonchain means that all data stored is immutable, trustworthy, and easily accessed by all parties which are deemed suitable such as neighbouring municipalities or regulatory bodies. All equipment and items will be able to be tracked by our RFIDs and their statuses automatically recorded and updated on a running basis to eliminate human error.

This solution should serve as a reminder that the smart retail solution we are developing in Phase 1.0 is only one aspect of Waltonchain. Smart sanitation and waste management is one application area that may not be immediately thought of when considering the impact of the internet of things, but it is one that is extremely important to all environmentally conscious governments responsible for urban areas, particularly in rapidly developing countries. We’re delighted to be honoured with such a prestigious award and we will continue to innovate and ensure that our work remains world leading.

List of Winning Enterprises

Outstanding Product Awards
Flowring Technology Corp.
HangZhou ccRFID MicroElectronics Co., Ltd
CMS Easy Technology Co., Ltd
Jiangsu PLC Tek Co., Ltd
Shanghai Fudan Micro Group Co., Ltd
Shanghai Holystar Information Technology Co., Ltd
Shanghai GDI Digital Technology Co., Ltd
Shanghai Nanyangwanbang Software Technical Co., Ltd
Shanghai Xiaoyi Technology Co., Ltd
Shanghai Yanhui Health Technology Co., Ltd
Xiamen Citylink Technology Co., Ltd.
(Note: Citylink is one of technical supporters of Waltonchain in China and a member enterprise of Silicon Technology)
Yunguang Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

IoTs Star Awards
Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Ruizhangtechnology co., Ltd.
SIMCom Wireless Solutions Co.,Ltd.
China Telecom

Excellent Programme Awards

Ericsson (China) Communications Co.LTD
Lierda Science & Technology Co., Ltd
 iSoftStone Information Technology(Group)Co., Ltd.
Shanghai RFID System Technology Co.,Ltd
Perspicace Intelligence Technology
Shanghai Gotell Communication Technology Holdings Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Infecon Technology Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Hsic Application System Co., Ltd. 
Shanghai Lingang Economic Development Group Investment Management Co., Ltd.
INESA (Group) Co., Ltd.
Realmax Technology Limited
ENN Energy Holdings Limited