Dr Kim flew in from Korea to visit Xiamen government leaders accompanied by our initiator Xu Fangcheng

On December 15th, Dr. Kim and Mr. Xu Fangcheng met with Vice Minister Guo from the Business Organization Department of Xiang’an District Government in Xiamen, and the director for the Enterprise Service Center in Xiang’an District, Director Liu. Together the 4 of them had an in-depth exchange on the progress of Waltonchain’s Xiamen branch, our business development and application of blockchain technology.

The two leaders of Xiamen City awarded Professor Kim a certificate of leading entrepreneurial talent of “Double-Hundred Project” for his work as senior technical consultant for Silicon and Waltonchain.

Xiamen Municipal Government Leader awarded Professor Kim, Xiamen City, high-level talent, “Double-Hundred Plan” Leading entrepreneurship honorary certificate

Professor Kim expressed his gratitude to the government leaders for their support of the company and their affirmation of the work we do, and promised that in the future we will introduce more high-end core technologies and talent teams to speed up the application of technology in Xiamen, and strengthen cooperation with the government in many different areas.

The two government leaders said that Xiamen City is undergoing industrial restructuring and upgrading, and stressed that the city urgently needs technical guidance and support from world-class experts like Professor Kim. They expressed that they wish for Prof. Kim and the enterprises led by him to accelerate the pace of technological research and development in the city, particularly in the areas of integrated circuits and blockchain.

In addition, the city leaders also spoke highly of and fully affirmed Silicon as the “Double-Hundred Enterprises” in Xiamen City, who have made technological advances and outstanding achievements in the Internet of Things. The officials strive to act as the key support for the city’s leading innovation-oriented enterprises like ourselves, and will do all they can to strengthen our efforts. The results of R&D and pilot projects can be widely applied to various fields, which helps promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure of the city.

Engaging with government officials and receiving such kind words and assured project support is very affirming. We are delighted that the Director and Vice Minister appreciate the work that we are doing in Xiamen with respect to blockchain and IC, and we are honored that they consider us a key technical party in the industrial transformation of Xiamen. We hope that going forward we will continue to build upon our relationship and use Waltonchain to transform Xiamen into a truly smart city.