RFID + IoT Global Leader, Waltonchain To Partner With Loci

Blockchain industry leaders, Waltonchain and Loci, announce a strategic partnership. This partnership opens opportunities for Waltonchain to create more revolutionary inventions and innovations with the support of Loci’s resources and their platform for IP research, management, and marketplace.

Waltonchain CEO, Dr. Mo is very optimistic about the prospects for cooperation. “Cooperation with Loci will help Waltonchain develop unique intellectual property, construct the new IoT world and, ultimately, change the life of humanity for the better. We believe that by joining hands with Loci we start a mutually beneficial cooperation.” says Dr. Mo

Loci CEO, John Wise shares this excitement for the opportunity to partner. Wise states, “Loci’s platform is built for visionaries and pioneers. The work Waltonchain is doing today showcases exactly the kind of leadership we are looking to push the envelope together with.”

The companies signed an MOU for the partnership that formally covers numerous areas of cooperation including Waltonchain being a purchasing partner for Loci’s crowdsourced IP portfolios. Loci will assist Waltonchain to help establish an incubator for smart cities in the US. The companies will cooperate to support innovative startups with IP resources and may partner as co-investors. Loci’s InnVenn platform and Waltonchain’s development capabilities will be jointly offered to universities and research institutions.

About Waltonchain
Waltonchain is a joint initiative by Chinese and Korean developers who utilize Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to simplify businesses’ supply chain management. Its name is an amalgam of the RFID inventor’s name, Charles Walton and the blockchain technology behind the project.

Waltonchain offers the unique combination of blockchain and RFID technology to build a core public chain for the commercial ecosystem. The main feature of the business ecosystem is that all data is authenticated using Waltonchain’s independently developed reader chip and tag chip. This realizes the function of automatic uploading of all the physical goods circulation data to the chain so as to establish a uniquely authentic and reliable business ecosystem.

About Loci 
Loci’s mission is to change the way the world invents. The US based company has created a platform for IP research and discovery coupled with a marketplace of ideas. In the process of getting its own patents Loci has first hand experience in the expense, risk, and timeliness of the current patent process that limits global innovation.

Using its patented and proprietary technology Loci empowers inventors and promotes the effective matchmaking of ideas, capital, and talent.