The Interview with Waltonchain CEO Dr. Mo Bing by Coinnest CEO Mr. Kim Ik Hwan Winded up with Great Success

On December 21, Coinnest CEO Mr. Kim Ik Hwan interviewed Waltonchain CEO Dr. Mo Bing on Afreeca Live Broadcasting Platform.

During the interview, Mr. Kim Ik Hwan expressed great interest in the project and invited Dr. Mo Bing to elaborate on his personal background, technical strength, R&D achievements, application status, long-term goals, and development plans of Waltonchain. The interview also provided an ideal communication channel to our supporters who have missed the chance in participating in an earlier presentation. Attendees were encouraged to ask questions for our live Q&A session.

Speaking in regards to development goals, Dr. Mo Bing commented on Waltonchain’s core competencies and stated that “based on RFID and blockchain technology, Waltoncoin(WTC) will by all means become one of the four biggest global cryptocurrencies”. His words sparked excitement among the online participants.

Waltonchain CEO Dr. Mo Bing(Right) and Coinnest CEO Mr. Kim Ik Hwan (Left) live broadcast

Mr. Kim Ik Hwan said: “Waltonchian, as the first to combine RFID chip and blockchain technology seamlessly, is a remarkable pioneer in the industry! The information from their chips can be uploaded to a system through the blockchain; this technology can be applied to all areas of social life and will realize a depth of coverage on new commercial ecosystems. I have my faith in the Waltonchain project and I believe it is worth your faith too!”

Mr. Kim Ik Hwan finished up the interview by answering questions from the live broadcast participants. Due to the meeting coming to a close many audience members did not have a chance to have their questions answered. We are hoping these community members attend our next meeting in an attempt to gain further understanding of the revolutionary Waltonchain project.

We are ever grateful for having such a caring and supportive global community that see our vision of the revolution that IoT and Blockchain will bring.

We will continue to move forward, no matter what it takes, to construct the perfect commercial ecosystem.