Waltonchain Appreciation Logic: Smart Retail

Using blockchain to build a retail data value system and reshape retail experience

Apr 17 · 2 min read


Waltonchain Smart Vending Machine (about to be presented) provides fast shopping and ensures commodity safety, consumption and fast replenishment. It also supports cryptocurrency payments and empowers fast WTC circulation in the ecosystem. Blockchain traceability technology ensures food safety, improves supply chain management and shopping experience, and brings value to brands, users and investors.

Advantages of Waltonchain Smart Vending Machine:

1. 100 m wide coverage for a convenient and fast shopping experience.

2. Refrigerates, keeps fresh, progressively realizes sale of blockchain-traceable commodities and instantly displays commodity traceability & sales information on blockchain to ensure food safety.

3. Integrates multiple high-tech devices, technologies and big data analysis, accurately delivers and promotes the most demanded types and quantities of commodities.

4. AI-powered, unattended, saves operating costs, 24/7 service.

Advantages of Waltonchain Smart Retail System:

1. End users enjoy a more convenient, smart and economical retail shopping experience:

a) Smart Vending Machine has wide coverage and provides convenient and fast AI-powered shopping experience;

b) Cashless and convenient mobile payment options. Support of WTC and child chain tokens will be gradually implemented for commodity purchase and discounts. Tokens can also be used as a long-term stable investment with appreciation premium;

c) Commodity production, circulation and sales data can be queried on blockchain through the RFID chip on the commodity. Tamper protection, credibility, and food safety are ensured.

2. Blockchain + Smart Retail brings a revolutionary and efficient business model for brands

a) Brands buy WTC to pay child chain creation deposit and fees for uploading of child chain data to the parent chain; get traceability services, security, credit and brand endorsement on blockchain;

b) Brands obtain Waltonchain Smart Vending Machine for effective sales channel coverage and marketing promotion;

c) Through big data analysis, the demanded types and quantities of commodities are provided to ensure stable and high sales volume. Brands can obtain high and stable sales revenue bonuses.

3. Investors receive stable and efficient return on investment

a) Investment in smart vending machines brings unattended smart operation. No supply chain / commodity loss burden or additional management costs.

b) Smart vending machine investors enjoy long-term stable sales dividends and operating returns.


Brand: provider of commodities to be sold in Waltonchain Smart Vending Machine.

Investor: individual or institutional investor who operates and obtains Waltonchain Smart Vending Machine.

User: individual who buys commodities.

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