Waltonchain Bamboo Wallet Limited Pre-Sale

The blockchain industry is developing vigorously. According to estimates, 30 million people are involved in cryptocurrency trading globally. This enormous market attracts both investors and malefactors. In the first two months of 2018, investors have lost $532 million in cryptocurrency scams. The number has grown to $3 billion by the end of the year. To protect the assets of global users, Waltonchain releases the only hardware wallet compatible with mainnet WTC — Bamboo Wallet.

**Bamboo Wallet Buyer’s Guide**

(please read this guide carefully before making an order)

Customs Clearance: The official price of Bamboo Wallet does not include the national customs duties. Please check the customs duties of your country before making an order.

Price: The original price of the collection edition of Bamboo Wallet is USD 90. To give back to Waltonchain’s global supporters for their continuous support, the current price of the collection edition is 25% off and its availability is limited to 200 pieces globally.

Shipping Fee: In order to ensure safe delivery, orders made in China shall only be shipped with SF Express, while overseas orders shall only be shipped with DHL, EMS and other international providers. Shipping fees are shared between a buyer and the Product Department. A buyer shall pay USD 10 which shall be included into the final price. The rest of the shipping fee shall be covered by the Product Department.

Payment: Please make an advance payment directly to the official PayPal account (paypal@waltonchain.org), and provide the receiver’s name in the remarks. Payment amount calculation examples:

John Watson needs to pay $77.50 (90*0.75+10) for 1 Bamboo Wallet
Henry White needs to pay $145 (90*0.75*2+10) for 2 Bamboo Wallets

After the payment is completed, please send an email to wallet@waltonchain.org, and provide payment account name, quantity, shipping address, receiver’s name, contact information and other necessary information. Product Department shall confirm the order within one working day after receiving the email.

Shipping: Bamboo Wallet is under mass production and is expected to be shipped in March 2019 in order of payment.

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