Waltonchain Kirin Mascot Naming Bounty

Sep 6, 2019 · 3 min read

Dear global Waltonchain creative community,

Waltonchain now has its own cute kirin mascot. However, the mascot doesn’t have an English name yet. Any community member can participate in this naming bounty and submit ideas to earn WTC.

Event Time

Submission: September 6–9, 2019

Online Voting: September 11–16, 2019


Selection Rules:

1. We will select 5 creative ideas meeting the requirements from all submissions for the Finalist Awards and further community voting;

2. The top 1 name in the community voting will be granted the Popularity Award;

3. Waltonchain team will select an Excellence Award from the Finalist Award winners;

4. The final name of the kirin mascot will be determined by the Waltonchain team.

5. The above rewards cannot be received repeatedly. If one person qualifies for several awards, the top reward shall prevail.


A unique and nice name of the kirin mascot to face people who love blockchain, fintech, science & technology and investment.

Form: Name + 100 words creative description

Example (translation from Chinese):

Name: Haibao (mascot of EXPO 2010 Shanghai China)

Creative description: “Hai” is a part of the word “Shanghai” and also means “sea” in Chinese. It is pure and inclusive. All these features conform to the concept of the EXPO 2010. Haibao means the treasure of the world; it shows that the EXPO is a global stage and all the beautiful things from around the world are exhibited here. Haibao as the mascot’s name not only shows inclusiveness and friendliness of Shanghai and China but also conveys our longing for a better life and future.

Submission Method:

Google Form:



1. Participants shall read and abide by the relevant bounty rules before submitting works. The organizer shall reserve the right to cancel the qualification of any works that violate the rules;

2. Works submitted by each participant shall be original and shall not incur copyright disputes. In the case of a copyright dispute during the bounty period or future commercial application, the legal responsibility shall be borne by the participant itself;

3. The organizer shall own the copyright of the works and shall own all rights of reference, alteration, production, sales, display and publication of the corresponding works.

Announcement of Winners

The list of winners shall be announced on September 17, 2019. The bounty rewards shall be distributed according to the contact information provided by the participant. It is extremely important for all participants to ensure the information is correct. Shall Waltonchain fail to distribute the rewards due to incorrect contact information or inability to contact the participants, the participants shall bear the responsibility themselves.

Waltonchain Team

September 6, 2019


Written by

The official medium account of Waltonchain. For more information on Waltonchain, please visit /r/waltonchain on Reddit.

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