Waltonchain Mainnet Launch Announcement

Mar 31, 2018 · 3 min read

Dear Waltonchain supporters around the world,

We are excited to announce that today, March 31st 2018, Waltonchain Mainnet will be launched!

Waltonchain is an innovative blockchain platform where users can call smart contract functions in the form of transactions through ABI and contract addresses. As a public ledger where WTC circulates, the Waltonchain Mainnet stored in a distributed way in all nodes across the network ensures the safety and reliability of transaction data.

Our Mainnet features customized scaling design which enables creation of child chains, communication and data transfer between different industries, and utilizes the cross-chain protocol for data interoperability. When the Waltonchain goes live, eventually all respective critical data created during the operation of our child chains, such as inventory, production, logistics etc., will be uploaded to the blockchain.

As a means for data uploading to the chain, data circulation and consumption validation on the chain, WTC promotes the cross-industry data flow and value circulation. It serves as a foundation for DApps development, data analysis and market forecast, and therefore helps solve the problems of inaccurate customer targeting and analysis.

The Waltonchain Mainnet has the following features:

1. Compatibility with the underlying Ethereum technology, provides the ability to hold more data from different industries and the integration basis for various child chains and ensures reliability and safety;

2. Adoption of the PoW+PoS consensus mechanism improves fairness and efficiency;

3. The improved hash algorithm to achieve greater safety and avoid node computation dominance;

4. Support of WTC transactions on the Mainnet;

5. The improved mining reward strategy which takes into account the number of WTC and holders loyalty.

With the Mainnet launch, Waltonchain also releases the:

• Waltonchain Windows Full-Node Wallet. Github Link: https://github.com/WaltonChain/WaltonWallet_Win_x64

• Web Wallet (http://waltonchain.net/#/wallet)

• Blockchain Explorer (http://waltonchain.net/#/main)

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After carefully considering the communities feedback to cpu only mining, and with the positive progress made during testing, we have found that CPU+ GPU mining will best secure the network. Therefore, we have decided to launch both mining options!

1) Today, March 31, 2018, the Waltonchain Mainnet and the official Watonchain Full-Node Wallet with CPU/GPU mining support are launched. We remind users not to use the private key of the ERC20 WTC token wallets on Ethereum to unlock the wallet. It is recommended to create a new address in the Waltonchain Wallet to avoid the risk of loss. For details, please refer to the “Waltonchain Windows Wallet User Manual” and “Waltonchain Web Wallet User Manual” (To be released shortly).

2) After the Waltonchain Mainnet launch, the Mining Reward Program starts right away. For details, refer to the “Waltonchain Progressive Mining Reward Program” and “GPU Mining User Manual” on Waltonchain official website(To be released shortly).

3) The specific time of token swap will be released at a later date:

• After the reliability and stability of the network have been fully verified;

•When the whole network computing power is not less than 100 MH/s;

•When the number of nodes exceeds 1000.

At that time, the swap from ERC20 tokens to the Waltonchain WTC will start. We will announce it on our official website. Please refer to the official website only.

Note: Please refer to “Notice on WTC Token Swaphttps://medium.com/@Waltonchain_EN/notice-on-wtc-token-swap-129a2c127a67

1. Tokens in the current Ethereum wallet addresses cannot be directly transferred to the newly launched Waltonchain Wallet.

2. Tokens in Waltonchain Wallet addresses cannot be directly transferred to the current Ethereum wallet addresses;

3. The WTC token on Ethereum can only be converted into the WTC of Waltonchain in the way provided in the “Notice on WTC Token Swap”.

To ensure the security of Waltonchain users globally and to eliminate potential problems, we will strictly evaluate the security and stability of the Mainnet first, and then convert the Ethereum ERC20 tokens into the Waltonchain WTC. We welcome all users to assist us and maintain the more secure Waltonchain. We sincerely thank all the Waltonchain users for your continuous attention and support!

Waltonchain Team

March 31, 2018

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