Waltonchain Provides Global Leading Blockchain + Cross-Border Logistics Solution

– – Waltonchain will Escort the Huodull “Pocket Insurance” Strategy

The logistics industry is an important entry point for the implementation of the Waltonchain. Waltonchain, as the leader in the blockchain IoT industry, planned the application of Waltonchain technology in the apparel and logistics industry at the beginning of the project launch. Based on this plan, Waltonchain carried out its application system R&D work.

Since the first demo application of the Waltonchain System was released in October 2017, we have been in contact with domestic and global logistics and apparel companies to select the right Waltonchain application partners.

Waltonchain CEO Mo Bing and Huodull Founder Zhan Shuguang sign the cooperation agreement

On April 12th, Waltonchain’s technical arm, Silicon (Shenzhen) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the world leading cross-border logistics platform Huodull Technology. Huodull was the first in the industry to propose a free “Pocket Insurance” for its customers. Huodull firmly believes that as a leading company in the cross-border logistics industry, it should become a choice for customers with full trust and no worry. Waltonchain will escort the its “Pocket Insurance” strategy.

In this logistics solution, Huodull will install the reading-writing system in key logistics nodes such as the goods transportation in and out of warehouses and the reception of them. When the stuff passes through any of the nodes, it will be scanned by readers and the move-transformed data will be uploaded on the blockchain.

At present, e-commerce platforms like JD.com, Taobao, Tmall and Amazon suffer cross-border logistics problems such as:

● delayed delivery of packages,

● loss of packages,

● low accuracy of locating recipients

● no way to accurately trace the responsible party

All the above can be solved with the implementation of Waltonchain technology, while simultaneously increasing industry efficiency, lowering management cost and building an unrivaled level of trust to with all parties.

Logistics Warehouse of Huodull

The integration of blockchain technology can vastly simplify both complex and simple but time consuming processes, such as warehouse goods storage, receiving of goods, opening and closing containers, scanning goods, recording data and uploading data.

With Waltonchain, the problems of manually scanning items one by one, inaccurate orders and missing freight can be completely avoided. What’s more, Waltonchain can achieve goods traceability and tamper-resistance with the characteristics of decentralization, high efficiency, large scalability, and the ability to build an authentic, trustworthy and transparent IoT ecosystem.

Waltonchain will assist Huodull by providing a blockchain solution which compliments Huodull’s existing cross-border logistic systems Waltonchain and Huodull will combine their resources s to promote the application of blockchain in the logistics and global IoT industries via the advantages afforded by a decentralized blockchain technology. This partnership is a demonstration of real-world usage and signals an evolution in in global trade protocols by the use of blockchain-based IoT systems pioneered by Waltonchain.

Huodull Profile:
As a global leader of one-stop cross-border logistics, Huodull pursues the transformation of traditional logistics by integrating big data and cloud technologies. This helps small and medium-sized enterprises improve logistics efficiency and save logistics costs through the “Internet + cross-border logistics services” model.
Huodull not only acquired over 10 million RMB investment from well-known Chinese investment agencies Ameba Capital and Zhonglu Capital, but has also successfully attracted over 8,000 cross-border e-commerce export merchants within three years. In Oct. 2017, Huodull was awarded as the Key Company in the second “China Cross-Border E-Commerce 50-person Conference” jointly initiated by the Chinese State Department counselor Lin Yifu (former chief economist of the World Bank), Tang Min and Zuo Xiaolei.
Huodull has the following advantages in the cross-border logistics industry:
1. Huodull is the first logistics platform to launch category logistics. It offers special routes for oil paintings, scooters, pure batteries, 3C, adult products, etc., and it is based on the needs of sellers to make vertical field products.
2. Huodull is the first logistics platform in the industry that provides free insurance to customers. Huodull firmly believe that as a leading company in the cross-border logistics industry, it should become a choice that allows the customer service to have 100% trust and zero worries. .
3. Huodull partnered with China UnionPay to launch a logistics-specific credit card to combine logistics with finance to increase the capital turnover rate for customers.
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