Waltonchain Subsidiary Silictec forms Strategic Partnership with GOME Finance to explore the infinite possibilities of Blockchain + Finance

Jul 12, 2018 · 3 min read

On July 11, Waltonchain subsidiary, Silictec, officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with GOME FINANCE, a subsidairy of the GOME Holdings Group. The parties reached consensus on the common development of blockchain and plan to establish a comprehensive cooperation partnership in the blockchain field.

GOME FINANCE Blockchain Project Manager (to the left) and Silictec CEO Mo Bing

The scope of the applications of blockchain technology is not confined to the fields of finance and securities. It has started to be implemented in the areas of supply chain, credit reporting, identification, property transactions, public welfare charity, IoT, etc. With the development of the blockchain technology, the foundation and supporting environment are becoming more mature. Blockchain application will be extended to various industries.

The financial industry is already dealing with technology. When user habits change, it is also necessary to change the original business process (including service methods) through faster adoption of new technologies. GOME FINANCE is the first company to deeply integrate financial services and retail scenarios through technology. It pays more attention to the power of science and technology and keeps its leading edge in financial technologies.

Silictec and GOME FINANCE reached a blockchain strategic cooperation aiming to combine GOME’s financial strength in industry chains and financial technology and Silictec’s strength in the blockchain technology, give full play to their market resources and technical features and build strong business cooperation, marketing and industrial promotion together.


GOME FINANCE has the perfect use of financial services in retail scene relying on its 31-year industry experience, science and technology, and support of numerous satisfied users. By the end of 2017, GOME FINANCE realized 100% coverage in China with 1,600 offline GOME Electrical Appliances retail stores across the country and provided comprehensive financial services to over 10 million users.

In 2018, GOME FINANCE integrated the advantages of online and offline resources, deepened the “scene + finance + technology” development model, accelerated the infiltration within the industry, strengthened the external scene breakthrough and committed to drive the inclusive finance scene expansion through innovative technology.

Silictec, Waltonchain’s technical subsidiary, is committed to research and development of Human Smart Sensor Chip based on the Image Sensor Technology of a new generation. Its modules, chips and application solutions are expected to be widely used in LED lighting, smart security, consumer electronics, the new generation of communications, IoT / IoV, public utility management, location-based services and many other areas. In 2017, the company set up a special R&D team for blockchain, which is committed to blockchain application in the IoT field. Waltonchain was the first to launch two “blockchain+” industry application projects.

Representatives of GOME FINANCE and Silictec

The leaders of both Silictec and GOME FINANCE indicated that their companies will adhere to the spirit of innovation, cooperation, and to transform and upgrade the related industries as their mission; to keep promoting the industrialization and internationalization of blockchain application to realize the maximum value for customers, employees, enterprises and society in the future.

GOME FINANCE official announcement (Chinese): https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/AhBFCQWY4MqT8EETEPB7Eg

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