Waltonchain was the feature presentation at the first-ever Coinlink investor meetup, Seoul

On December 19, the first investor meet-up was held by Coinlink since it has opened its online service channels. The meetup took place at CGV 3rd Floor M-Cube, Cheongdam Cine City (CGV 청담씨네시티), Seoul. As Coinlink’s primary partner, Waltonchain was featured in this grand event.

Waltonchain shows up at the first investor meetup held by Coinlink in Seoul

Waltonchain officially launched trading platforms in South Korea on December 5th. This meetup held by Coinlink represented the first opportunity for the Waltonchain team to engage with the community. Over 200 people were present, including Coinlink investors and senior experts from the South Korean blockchain and investment communities.

Waltonchain CEO Mr. Mo Bing introducing the Waltonchain project

Waltonchain CEO, Mo Bing, delivered a comprehensive introduction about the Waltonchain project to a packed room of experts, and discussed many of the technological breakthroughs that Waltonchain has accomplished. Mo Bing also detailed some the innovative applications currently in development and introduced the broad spectrum of applications that Waltonchain will enable for the future.

As part of the presentation Mo Bing also showed the demo video made by Boxmining during his visit to the Waltonchain offices. The video, which shows a Smart Retail use case for Waltonchain, drew great excitement from the audience.

Waltonchain team interacting with members of the audience

The notable excitement and enthusiasm that the Waltonchain supporters brought to the meetup was appreciated by all. The on-site business representatives in particular were impressed with the audience’s passion for Waltonchain and the team’s vision for a VIoT future. As a result, the meetup ran significantly over time; originally scheduled to end at 10pm, the meetup continued late into the night.

Waltonchain representatives are taking a photo with South Korea’s famous investor, Park Sung Min (3rd from left), and JuPil Joung, CEO of Coinsquare (2nd from right)

As the leader in blockchain and Internet of Things industry, Waltonchain has moved from concept to implementation. Waltonchain will continue to attack all business fronts, and truly construct a commercial ecosystem with depth of coverage. Along with Coinlink, Waltonchain will continue to push forward to accelerate the development and adoption of blockchain technology within China, South Korea and beyond.