Waltonchain Work Progress Summary for Q3

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I Summits

1. On July 5, 2018, Waltonchain and Shenzhen Smart Retail Association co-hosted China Smart Retail Conference and Blockchain+ Technology Application Summit.

2. On July 6, Waltonchain and ZhongChuan IoT Industry Research Institute co-hosted the “IoT + Blockchain Technology Application” Special Exhibition at 2018 China (International) IoT Expo.

3. On July 8, Waltonchain and ZhongChuan IoT Industry Research Institute co-hosted the “IoT China Connects the Future” China IoT Embracing Blockchain Leader’s Summit.

4. On July 17, Waltonchain was honored to be the only blockchain enterprise present at the official opening ceremony of Korea Blockchain Enterprise Promotion Association held at the South Korea National Assembly Hall.

5. On July 28, Waltonchain attended China Digital Economy Summit and put forward the IoT + Medical solution.

6. On July 29, Waltonchain Global Super Master Node Recruitment Ceremony was successfully held in Beijing. Waltonchain officially issued the Certificate of Waltonchain Global Super Master Node to the 1st and 2nd Waltonchain SMNs.

7. On July 31, Waltonchain presented at the 1st China Smart Retail Conference in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

8. On Sep. 17–19, Waltonchain took part in 2018 Seoul Blockchain Summit Expo in South Korea.

II Cooperation

1. On July 11, Waltonchain’s technical supporter Silicon (Shenzhen) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with GOME FINANCE.

2. On July 17, Waltonchain CEO Mr. Mo Bing and President of Korean Food and Livestock Promotion Center Mr. Lee Hanyeong signed a business cooperation agreement.

3. On July 12, Waltoncoin (WTC) was officially listed on the leading global digital asset exchange Huobi.

4. On Aug. 31, WTC was officially listed on Bithumb, the world leading and South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

5. On Sep. 5, Chairman of Dongdaemun Fashion Town Tourism Zone Mr. Hong Seokgi, Waltonchain CEO Mr. Mo Bing and CEO of DDM International Mr. Lee Jongseon reached a blockchain technical agreement on application of the blockchain technology and commercialization of Waltonchain RFID chips in Dongdaemun Fashion Town Tourism Zone. The parties will promote the development and application of the blockchain + RFID technology in the fields of retail distribution, logistics, store management and customer service.

6. On Sep. 7, Waltonchain and MONEYNET officially signed a child chain agreement.

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III Important Events

1. On July 5, Waltonchain released two world’s first Blockchain + Industry solutions WTC-Food and WTC-Garment. Waltonchain leads the Blockchain 3.0 era.

2. On July 13, Waltonchain officially released the Super Master Node Recruitment Program to recruit 99 Super Master Nodes worldwide. At present, the 13th SMN has been certified successfully.

3. On July 24, Waltonchain announced free-of-charge traceability solutions for vaccine enterprises.

4. On Aug 1, Waltonchain’s technical supporter Silicon (Shenzhen) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the National Standard Kick-off Meeting of the Reference Architecture as part of China’s National Standardization of Blockchain Technology.

5. On Aug. 17, Waltonchain announced the Token Swap Phase 1.

6. On Aug. 30, Waltonchain Senior Advisor Professor Kim Suk Ki was appraised as Fujian Province Type A High-Level Talent.

7. On Sep. 3, the first lecture of the six-month course to cultivate blockchain talents was given in Walton Blockchain Institute which in cooperation with Korean Standards Association realizes the plans of South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT to cultivate 10,000 blockchain talents.

8. On Sep. 4, Waltonchain officially released White Paper V2.0.

IV Technology

A. Software

1. Payoff of Phase 1 mining rewards has been completed.

2. Performance of the back-end system has been optimized. Stable throughput above 5 TPS is achieved for the Parent Chain.

3. Hardware wallet system development has been completed. The product testing stage has started.

4. P2P network architecture has been modified and performance has been optimized. Success rate and synchronization stability of the node network has been improved.

5. Integration testing of client software and blockchain network has been performed.

6. The innovative PoL consensus mechanism has been added on top of the PoS + PoW hybrid mechanism. It serves as the proof of labor for data transmission and token exchange between MN, GMN and the cross-chain SMN nodes on the various child chains and the parent chain of the Waltonchain network.

7. The unique Data Pattern for Smart Contract driven by business events has been established.

8. The Super Master Node Program has been designed and implemented for accounting nodes holding not less than 100,000 WTC. Additional SMN recommendation and child chain airdrop rewards have been established.

9. WTC Wallet Windows has been optimized and updated.

A. Hardware

1. Design of the RFID chip with hash-and-signature-based data self-verification has been completed.

2. Sensor + video data collection: Design of the overall architecture and scheme for the hardware system to automatically extract data stamps and upload them to blockchain has been completed.

3. The RFID system supporting token payment, automatic inventory taking, traceability and automatic data stamp uploading to blockchain has reached the software development and debugging stage. Pilot deployment is scheduled for November.

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