Waltonchain’s First Child Chain Freyrchain Debuted at the 2018 TokenSky Blockchain Conference

Blockchain is an overturning application of innovative technology, which constantly opens new directions of human technology development.

On March 15, the 2018 TokenSky Blockchain Conference officially concluded at the Grand Hilton Hotel in Seoul, South Korea. The world’s top blockchain experts and scholars, upstream and downstream companies, investment institutions, technology geeks, media and token enthusiasts gathered here to discuss blockchain technology innovation and token industry changes.

Waltonchain attracted much attention at the conference with its child chain debut.

As an industry leader in implementation of the “Value Internet of Things”, Waltonchain relies on real-world demand for scientific and technological applications and innovatively combines the blockchain technology with RFID chips to change the global business ecosystem fundamentally.

Freyrchain CMO Kelly Zheng presents the project

Blockchain industry is moving forward very fast. Every structural change can qualitatively affect the development of the whole industry.

Waltonchain first proposed the “parent chain + child chain + application” core architecture using which companies from different industries can create various child chains and tailor them to their needs. This small step by Waltonchain has laid the foundation for cross-industry data chains, a giant leap for the whole industry.

Freyrchain, the first child chain of Waltonchain, is also known as the world’s first blockchain-based collectibles data authenticity platform. It has fully applied the advantages of the blockchain technology, integrated a massive amount of professional data resources, digitized and uploaded them to blockchain rapidly, thus building the first global blockchain + culture big data platform.

Waltonchain Korea COO Zhao Haiming

At the conference, as a pioneer of the blockchain + art collectibles industry, Freyrchain CMO Kelly Zheng was invited to present the project.

Having the world’s largest blockchain-based collectibles data platform, Freyrchain can offer inquiries on collectibles data, historical transaction records, description etc. and provides support in collectibles authenticity identification globally. The implementation of this technology has not only solved such innate problems of the art collection industry as artwork authentication and the lack of transaction transparency, but also provided a low-threshold entry to let the public join the art collection industry easily.

In the coming future, with the establishment of a commercial ecosystem including many areas such as smart agriculture, smart medical care and food traceability, Waltonchain will become the engine of the next-generation IoT, achieving the new commercial culture revolution of common creation, existence, benefit and sharing across all industries and leading to the next rise of humanity.