Waltonchain’s Mid-End IR Receiver Chip Entered Mass Production

Recently, the mid-end infrared receiver chip (XMS8088) developed by Waltonchain’s technical supporter Silictec has entered the mass production phase. Two other chips, the high-end anti Wi-Fi interference infrared receiver chip (XMS8098) and low-end infrared receiver chip (XMS8090), respectively, have entered the preparation stage for mass production which is scheduled for this year.

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At present, the emerging industries such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile internet and artificial intelligence develop rapidly. The evolution of chip (integrated circuit) technology presents a new trend. Chips, virtual reality, smart robots and smart Internet-connected automobiles also experience an explosive growth. Driven by the market and having the support of Chinese government policies, China’s chip industry has developed rapidly and its overall strength has improved significantly. In 2017, China’s chip production reached 156.5 billion units and presented an increase by approximately 18.2% year-on-year, which stands for sales revenue of 541.2 billion Yuan with a year-on-year increase by 24.8%. By 2020, sales revenue is expected to reach 1 trillion Yuan.

As a global leader in blockchain + IoT, Waltonchain aims to satisfy the real industry application needs and adheres to serving the real economy and assisting in the industry transformation and upgrading with the blockchain technology. Waltonchain innovatively combines the blockchain technology with RFID chips to realize the Value Internet of Things. During the final design process, the mid-end infrared receiver chip (XMS8088) developed by Silictec’s R&D team succeeded in tapeout at the first attempt, which represents our great technical strength. It is worth to mention that the R&D team has already registered the integrated circuit layout. The chip is mainly used in infrared remote control products with a wide scope of application, from air conditioners, televisions and other household appliances to remote control toys and covers practically every industry.

Mid-end infrared receiver chip (XMS8088)

This is a low-power high-sensitivity infrared receiver chip. Currently we prepare a series of related core technology patent applications. Below are some of the chip specifications:

1. Wide input voltage range supported: 2.7 to 5.5 V;

2. Ultra-low power consumption: only 355 μA at 5V;

3. It is insensitive to power supply voltage fluctuation and ambient light interference, possesses high sensitivity and high noise tolerance.

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Registration certificate for layout design of the mid-end infrared receiver chip (XMS8088)

The other two chips developed by Silictec are the high-end anti Wi-Fi interference infrared receiver chip (XMS8098) and low-end infrared receiver chip (XMS8090). Their mass production is also scheduled for 2018. Apart from that, there are also an UHF RFID tag chip which is the hardware basis for the Waltonchain blockchain + IoT solutions and a miner core chip under development; their engineering samples will come out this year. In particular, the UHF RFID tag chip will help Waltonchain link all kinds of data in the Internet of Things in the future. Having this tag chip, Waltonchain will also make a big step in blockchain + IoT.

High-end anti Wi-Fi interference infrared receiver chip (XMS8098)

The infrared receiver chip with the anti Wi-Fi interference feature, which has the advantages of the mid-end infrared receiver chip (XMS8088), including wide input voltage range, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability and good prevention of Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz interference.

Low-end infrared receiver chip (XMS8090)

The ultra-low-power low-cost infrared receiver chip with high quality-price ratio. Its power consumption reduced by 40% compared with the middle-end infrared receiver chip (XMS8088), it is suitable for power batteries and other applications, such as toys, candle lights, etc.

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As we all know, real world implementation is the final step of any technological innovation. The application of a technology to the industrial supply chain is an important criterion to find out its value. At the early development stages, we thought through various types of industrial application scenarios. Waltonchain combines the decentralization, temper-resistance and other software-level features of blockchain with RFID chip hardware to interconnect the physical world and the digital world seamlessly. It’s a common goal for each company to develop with integrity, therefore there will be a huge demand for authentic, open, transparent and reliable data. With the rapid development and high integration of information technologies such as the Internet of Things, mobile Internet and cloud computing, smart information management has become the key factor of rapid growth and improvement of enterprises.

Mass production of the mid-end infrared receiver chip indicates that Silictec has excellent technical strength and has become a benchmark company in the chip industry. Waltonchain innovatively combines RFID chips with blockchain, continuously provides a wide range of solutions for companies in various industries and will become China’s Blockchain Unicorn. Waltonchain will help transform and upgrade the industry and provide an endorsement for the future world. This initiative will also continue to promote human civilization into the trustworthy, completely open and transparent new phase.

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