Wisdom of Martial Art: “I hate you”

I hate you
I really hate you
Just by thinking about you make my hands shaking

I hate you
I hate how defenseless I was when you purposely intimidate me
The images of you ripping my soul crossed my mind
You taunt over my years of hard work building confidence
Arghhh…how I wish I can punch you in the face then
Just thinking about it make my hands shaking
With just a blow I can make your nose bleed
Or at least your cheek swollen blue or one of your eyes looks like panda’s

But No!
My master always said..
“Do not lay you fist unto others. You’ll regret that”
“Use you fist to defend yourself”
“If you hurt other people, you are just hurting yourself”

A martial art master once said:
“ I’m not teaching you how to fight, I’m teaching you how to control evil. That’s what we are doing here”

I can hear Kitaro’s Matsuri resounding in my head
The flute..
It brought me to a bamboo forest like the one I used to see on TV
…settling my raging heart to peace.

* * *
I do not hate you
You don’t deserve that much from me

Neither do I like you
Now, I pity you…

* * *
This is my art..
… the way I live.
You call it fail to express.
I call it wisdom.

Wan Atikah/Wiraterbang
1st Dan Taekwondo