I miss my dog so much and I feel like I’m a bad person.

I miss my dog so much and I feel like I am a bad guy beause I can’t take care of him. It’s been one year since I adopted Willy from my grama’s farm. My life is a mess, but my mon decided to adopted a dog so I had the chance to chose the perfect dog to take care of. But unfortunatelly, things has changed. Mom decided to move on, because she broke up with her husband, so she caught depression and things got really bad. The fights in my house happened everyday and I couldn’t handle that anymore. I moved out the house and left my favorite dog with her, who started to love Willy like her favorite son.

After some months, she decided to leave the house and she did not know what to do with Willy, cause she couldn’t take care of him cuz she was about to go to her bestfriend’s house. And there wasn’t ways that he could live with them there, even with me. Cause I live at an apartment and they don’t accept and in this moment I can’t leave this place.

Now he’s living with my grama and I knw he is surfering and missing us so bad. He sleeps outside home, in the sand with some others homeless dogs, cause my gramma doesn’t like dogs. I go there sometimes cause I can’t be there everyday because the place is so far away from here.

I think I’m a bad guy. I know that I can’t take care of him. I know that his soul cries and miss us so much. I don’t know if I’m the blame. I don’t know if God will punish for it. But i know can’t do anything about it. Not right now, but I want to and If I get a good job that I can get enough money to rent another place to live with Willy and my boyfriend, I’ll be so happy and take of him like I never did.

I miss my dog so much and I hope to have him by myside again soon as possible. And I swear, I never forget him. I think about him everyday and I feel so bad about. God, help me with it and please, make Willy feels better and put in his heart my image and that I never wanted this to happen.

I love Willy more than everything in this word and I’ll always love him.

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