Brianna Wu (D), MA District 8 Challenger for Congress, Harasses Former Employees To Ruin Lives

Tech people don’t like bullies, Brianna Wu.

Ironically it’s Brianna Wu herself, who abuses her own work force.

Brianna Wu, founder of Giant Spacekat, holds company wide votes when determining who should be fired, then calls other potential future employers if she subjectively feels the former employee has no “potential.”

Brianna Wu is a prime example of how the economy is rigged against working people.

Brianna Wucalls other employers to ruin careers and lives when she fires employees.

You have to wonder where the Massachusetts Fair Employment & Housing Agency and the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission is on this rogue employer’s abuse of her own employees?

Employees need protections from Brianna Wu.

Brianna Wu, with apparent malice, goes out of her way to affect former employees lives.

Tech people don’t like bullies, Brianna Wu.

Brianna Wu is definitely not a pro labor candidate. She’s pro big business and is a bully.

Brianna Wu is a proponent of the “gig” economy that leaves workers unhired, without permanent employment and subject to the whims of abusive employers, such as herself.

Brianna Wu is the Uber of Game Development. Abusive, pervasive and sucking profits out of local communities and shipping them out of District 8 (which she doesn’t live in to begin with.)

Brianna Wu explains the “scam” she runs at Giant Spacekat here. They don’t hire permanent employees.

At her development house “crunchtime” is met by expendable “contract” employees who are simply let go when the crunch is over.

What else would you expect from a former intern and fundraiser for Senator Trent Lott (R, MS) who grew up as a rich Conservative?

Randi Lee Harper, acknowledged expert on infosec and cybersecurity matters worked extensively with Brianna Wu on advocacy issues puts it best.

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