The Wacky, Wonderful World of Brianna Wu’s Congressional “Campaign.”

Feminism in tech advocate Brianna Wu (Spacekatgal ) is running for Congress. Because why not?

It would have been so much better if Jack Dorsey & Twitter Public Policy had simply listened to reasonable critique and done what Brianna Wu wanted.

Now it’s time to get organized.

If you can’t beat tech with backchannel negotiations the next best thing is to seek office and target them with your campaign.

Brianna Wu’s words about Twitter are actually true.

The question asked by many is why can Brianna Wu lead a targeted abuse mob on Twitter?

Imagine running for Congress after having debated barring yet another person from speech. Seems like that might be bad for a campaign.

By the way, Jack Dorsey, something seems off about this tweet.

Wu, who worked for Senator Trent Lott (R, MS) (NOT KIDDING) as an intern/fundraiser for at least 5 years (who the fuck knows? Her story changes every other tweet) and “burned out” suffering 7 years of depression and winding up HOMELESS is back for another round of politics.

(I have the gory details, which change in various tweets, but in interest of Brianna’s privacy, will not make them available here)

One can easily argue that Ms. Wu, who is seeking public office brought it on herself.

But to Wu, who never met an enemy that wasn’t guilty of something, he’s GUILTY as charged. At least in the public eye.)

So we will dig into Ms. Wu’s backstory, with the immortal cry of “she brought it on herself.”

District shopper.

Protect the Rich!

“Let them eat cake.”

Tech bros…

“I love the beltway.”

“I still am GOP, lolz, *wink *wink.”

“As I sip my tea on the veranda I often reflect on how hard life is for the little person in the fields with the short hoe.”

Believe me there is no JOY in reviewing this, but she seems to be voluntarily seeking public office. And in her case these details are significantly important.

Brianna Wu’s issues as she considers her run seem a bit pedestrian.

Which gaming company is more popular with the young interns?

Are there dog treaties in the Congressional Comissary?

Running for office is fraught with peril. Did Wu just alienate the Nintendo constituency? The cat ladies?

Are the Townies actually Roadies or Southies? Who knows? Who cares?

The Yankees in town and you’re a Yankees fan. Do you put on the Red Sox jersey anyway?

Now you might laugh at think Brianna Wu has no chance to defeat incumbent Representative Stephen Lynch but I can’t even tell if she knows ANYTHING about the district she cherry picked to run in.

An actual resident would have some idea and be able to prioritize issues.

Brianna Wu however has to go ask.

Jobs, trade schools, good schools for kids, health insurance, retirement, good roads, good infrastructure.

These are tough questions.

So what’s wrong with this statement about addiction being a local issue?

Federal, state and local authorities work together in a complex web of jurisdictions to deal with addiction from interdiction to treatment.

So what federal law enforcement agencies work in Boston with locals to fight addiction?

The DEA, ATF, Customs, Coast Guard, FBI for starters. And then we have Obamacare.

We do know she’s for small government, profited off the real estate implosion and has friends in venture capital.

And Brianna Wu is owned by Big Pharma.

Wu, famous as a feminist tech entrepreneur loves her motorcycle and dressing up to look like a super hero.

She looks almost like an anime character, or perhaps a superhero straight out of Revolution 60 — a shoot-’em-up mobile game, set in outer space, released last summer by Wu’s independent development studio, Giant Spacekat.
Wu’s journey has been long, hard, and often lonely. Entrepreneurship has been her salvation, her ticket into a world of her own making, a place where she can live, work, and play, uninhibited and unconstrained.

Brianna Wu’s interests are very avante garde and cutting edge. And a bit different than the rest of District 8’s concerns.

Not surprisingly Brianna Wu works in tech and her husband Frank Wu works in biotech.

Does Brianna Wu know ANYTHING about Boston and District 8? Can’t tell.

Does Boston have a waterfront district?

She doesn’t seem to know Boston has an Innovation District that after 7 years is second in the country in venture capital investments, behind San Francisco.

San Francisco and Silicon Valley in California have a 40 year head start.

One slightly more recent study finds that Boston is now in the top spot when factoring in Boston’s higher scores for livability.

The Bay Area has more startups and the venture capital that gives them life than any other U.S. metro region, but the study said entrepreneurs in Boston cite stronger connections with educational and other institutions locally as well as with everyday citizens.

Who wants to regress to Austin levels?

And Wu? The supposed arch campaigner for women’s rights?

She was neutral in the Democratic primary and didn’t vote.

And she was against Bernie Sanders economics until suddenly and miracously realizing that maybe infrastructure is important.

You just can’t tell what Brianna Wu is for and against because the story changes every other tweet.

Brianna Wu has overcome a TON to be where she is. I just think she’s a better fit where she is than running for public office.

If she couldn’t beat the tech industry, how can she take on Trump and the Republicans in todays less than genteel environment?

By the way, Brianna Wu blocked the Massachusetts Democrats State Chair for Gender Balance.

Brianna Wu literally hopes to block and hide her way on twitter into Congress.

I daresay that Randi Lee Harper may know her best. (Randi has actually good ideas on infosec and cybersecurity when not telling people to light themselves on fire.)

Somehow I doubt targeting tech people is going to work.

Next time we will be exploring some of Brianna Wu’s tech ideas.

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