The Brianna Wu (Spacekatgal) Post Mortem: A Win For Wu, A Loss For Democrats

Progressive heroine Brianna Wu (@spacekatgal) is running for Congress.

Boldly proclaiming that “She Fought the Alt-Right and Won” Brianna Wu seeks to remold the Democratic party in her progressive image.

Brianna Wu’s takeaway is opposite of most analysts views on the effect of gamergate, the alt right and Republicans victory in the 2016 election cycle.

Journalist Matt Lees of Guardian reports,

The 2014 online hate-storm presaged the tactics of the Trump-loving far right movement. Prominent critics of the president elect should take note
The stark parallels between Gamergate and the political atmosphere of 2016 may come as a surprise, but it shouldn’t: both saw their impact and reach amplified by self-interested parties who underplayed the obvious nastiness they were also promoting.

Brianna Wu seems to admire the Republicans for the (evident to her) stoicism.

According to CNN,

As Democrats wring their hands and ponder research showing how more millennial voters would have changed the electoral map (it’s very blue), they ignore the inconvenient truth that Trump’s digital covens included a host of young, digitally savvy politicos who radically redrew the way young people engage with politics.

A win for Brianna Wu resulted in a GOP win for President and the GOP carrying both the House and Senate.

Brianna Wu has proclaimed victory and is boldly cherry picking District 8 to challenge incumbent Representative Stephen Lynch in an overt display of district shopping.

The former GOP fundraiser from Mississippi thinks Representative Lynch does not have Boston, Massachusetts and District 8 values.

We believe it’s Brianna Wu who has no idea about Massachusetts, Boston, and District 8.

Let’s review Brianna Wu’s “values.”

Note: Brianna Wu deleted tweets on 12/22/2016. Some of the deleted tweets are from archives. The archives are true and correct.

Apparently reckless accusations of criminal activity in violation of Federal election laws is ok with Brianna Wu.

Brianna Wu seems to lack a commitment to speaking with Democrats or constituents, having blocked Massachusetts Democrats Gender Balance State Committee Member Keri Lorenzo.


Brianna Wu remained neutral during the Democratic primary, and did not vote.

Brianna Wu is famous for blocking people on twitter. Brianna Wu pays people to block people on twitter for her.

Ms. Wu seems to NOT understand that hiring an employee to handle twitter harassment is to her and her companies financial benefit. Money is fungible.

The time not spent blocking, by Brianna Wu, frees her up to be more productive.

We note that @Spacekatgal is her personal twitter page. The company twitter is:

The company twitter is rarely used.

In her interview with Jim Braude, host of Greater Boston, Brianna Wu admits to having been an intern for Senator Trent Lott (R , MS) (At 2:22)

Brianna Wu claims she was a Republican until age 23 or 25.

Ms. Wu, with wealthy Conservative parents in Mississippi, has told several different stories about her background with her first startup and her work in politics with Republicans in Washington DC.

If Ms. Wu is to be believed, she moved to Boston 8 years ago.

Ms Wu is either loyal to Canada (Blue Jays), Yankees or Orioles.

Does Brianna Wu even like Boston?

Brianna Wu will not confirm to constituents that she actually resides in District 8.

The FBI closed the gamergate investigation with no prosecutions.

(I am aware that Ms. Wu has received a number of threats, and is subject to abuse. I have reviewed the FBI report and some of the more terrifying threats, such as the detailed floorplans of her house that were published in an obvious attempt at intimidation.

I know Twitter absolutely SUCKS at handling abuse, having received a fair number of threats myself. I reviewed the threats Ms. Brown, now a journalist with Gizmdo received with in an exchange of emails. Conclusion: Twitter SUCKS at handling abuse.

It’s my belief that prosecution was declined by federal and state prosecutors due to no imminent threat of actual harm & the massive credibility problems raised by Ms. Wu herself in her twitter feed. )

The tech industry is a key to District 8’s economy.

Representative Stephen Lynch has partnered with City of Boston local innovators and other stakeholders to drive the technology and biotechnology sectors for all of Boston and District 8’s benefit with the Boston Innovation District.

Developing sustainable technologies will improve energy efficiency and create jobs,” Congressman Stephen F. Lynch said. “I commend Fraunhofer CSE for bringing together such a diverse group of partners to take this project beyond a research lab, developing it as a learning environment for the next generation of clean energy leaders.”

Does Brianna Wu even know the Innovation District exists?

Brianna Wu thinks the tech industry is more misogynistic than the Republican party.

Apparently the Republicans are less misogynistic people than the tech industry and constituents of District 8? If we are to believe Brianna Wu, that is.


Brianna Wu wants to target individuals s in the tech industry with her campaign.

How is targeting people in tech individually going to help bring jobs and innovation to Boston?

Brianna Wu on immigrants to America.

With the spirit of innovation, will to succeed and will to make it to America the immigrants working in tech and elsewhere are indeed Americans.

Ms. Wu’s husband, Frank Wu Ph.D, works in Big Pharma.

Do you trust her to regulate the Pharmaceutical industry?

Safety consultant Randi Lee Harper worked closely with Brianna Wu on various issues since the “gamergate” issue erupted.

Brianna Wu has referred to Randi Lee Harper as a, “modern feminist hero.”

Ms. Harper is frequently cited for her expertise on infosec, cybersecurity and tech matters by journalists and policy makers.

Here is the Brianna Wu Randi Lee Harper knows.

Ms Wu puts the *wink *wink in politics.

(Jennifer Avery, @javery22, is a staffer for Representative Frank Smizik, MA Commonwealth, (D) in the Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change.

Daily Kos says it best,

The real winner of the 2016 election is the Alt-Right.

(h/t) Twitter Public Policy, Jack Dorsey, Ev Williams, Chris Sacca, The Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer

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