Ode to golden magic

Little gal

that everything you dye of magic

Give me a look of magic

You that dance in life and

looking at the sky brings you to smile.

Open the wardrobe doors

Over the shelves

close your eyes hard.

Transport into your universe.

Submerge in the oceans of your art

where all the beauties not yet created by you


Fell in love with one piece,

and take it out to the surface to breathe.

And to the light of other mortals,

It’s not as good as you thought.

Your art is pure and your mind is magic

How sweet it is to learn to swim.

Little gal

That everything you touch you dye of magic,

The sky is yellow

Your dress is red

and your hair is short.

Keep on swimming

that in your immense mind

air is golden and magic is breath.

Little gal

do not shed tear

he does not know

what he says.

It is wonderful your pretty red dress.

And so cute your object.

He did not see it through the lights of magic

He did not swim in your pure mind.

It is so precious

because it its yours.

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