How I Gained my Vantage Point from Staying Motion

Guess what? I just changed my plans again! I am still in Asia. I change my mind all the time. Nothing new there!

(I was supposed to be back in NYC by now) It just wasn’t in the stars. It didn’t feel right. So, I simply changed my mind.


I decided to keep working from Thailand and took on some more cool projects in Asia! This way, I can also conveniently enjoy more time with my love, go to my friend’s birthday shenanigans, and check out a project in Bali.

I’ve been often accused of being restless or not able to commit. And I get asked how this all works often.

So let me explain!

I live a life on the road. I established my vantage point from being in motion. Luckily, I am always able to pick up work, clients, and projects along the way. I think it’s because I attract and connect with people I otherwise would not run into.

I am a global citizen, I am a third culture kid, I am a global love child living in a global love tribe. People I love are spread all over the world. If I don’t want to feel I am missing out on major mile markers in people’s lives I have to be and stay mobile.

Even my relationship is based on flexibility and ease. We both like to stay in motion.

It’s why I built my coaching business completely online. Everything I do is online and will be an online module. I wanted complete location freedom. That was a primary goal for me when I set out to go into business for myself.

Also, let’s not forget how much I love going to and working from different places. There is so much to learn and to discover. Every place is different. Every culture offers a new perspective. Every place has its own set of challenges and advantages.

It makes me happy to work like this; I feel inspired, uplifted, and energized as a result. It’s what drives my momentum.

I work from anywhere in the world with people all over the world.

And I happen to think that is really cool! My perspective on life, work, and businesses is always global. I can base it on firsthand experiences by being witness to people’s lives all over.

And no! This did not happen overnight and it’s taken many years of diligent travel and exposure to create it.

So thank you for sticking around and bearing with me everyone!

I love all of you.

If you are reading this it’s likely we met somewhere on this planet.

I worked hard to make it this way with the help and love from so many people I’ve met along the way.

It took courage

It took audacity

It was and is infused with delusions of grandeur

I took my chances against better judgment

I decided to defy the status quo

I defined my own idea of success

I did not let people tell me I was crazy

I decided to make is an adventure

I chased opportunities like they were the last train leaving the station

I had faith in myself, my purpose, and my abilities

I learned from all my mistakes and missteps

I never gave up.

I decided to not be held to who you think I was yesterday

Ultimately, I have an inherent need to feel free. And by that I mean having the freedom and flexibility to move around and choose different locations from which I can work.

It’s not a lack of commitment. It’s a need to consistently be challenged, learn, leave, grow, and change.

I work a lot. It’s just more fun like this. I work crazy hours. I am up at 3am to take calls, I will do anything to bridge the time zone divide. And I don’t mind it a bit.

And the other cool side effect?

By living like this, I attract people who also tend to either live/work across the world or have a global perspective.

People that don’t mind time zone differences or over the course of our work will be in a different time zone themselves every week.

You know who you are. You are the innovation junkies and trendsetters, road warriors, global citizens, purpose driven people who aim to have a meaningful and fulfilling life of their own. You are my fellow lovers of life and those who aspire to be just that.

And do you know the other benefit of living out of suitcase? It keeps life simple. I spend far less time worrying about my life, my work, and my future.

I literally get to take life stride by stride. I get to go where my work and life has the most meaning.

Now, this might not work for you.

And I am not suggesting this is the only way to live. I am telling you this for THREE reasons:

ONE: People always ask me how this works. So now you know!

TWO: To reassure the doubters out there, I am not running away from anything or avoiding some mysterious, and scary reality.

THREE: In order to build I life I love, I had to really get to know myself. I had to learn about my shadows, turn my sensitivities into assets, use my passion to fuel my drive. Allowing myself to be happy, healthy, and highly productive all at the same time.

Then and only then was I able to tie all of all these attributes together for a life and a business in which I could thrive. A life in which I can bring the most value to people and projects I take on.

I established my vantage point by staying in motion. What is the fuel that drives you? Feel free to comment below.

Lots of love,


Originally published at on April 6, 2015.