JetBlue’s Summer Mosaic Challenge is back!

Looks like I’ve got a pretty good chance of hitting JetBlue Mosaic status again for 2018. As in years past the company has a challenge on offer, allowing travelers to qualify with 25% of the required spend in 25% of the time. Rather than $5,000 in airfare over the course of the calendar year the challenge grants the status for $1,250 in airfare over a 90 day window. Those who successfully complete the challenge will receive the 15,000 point qualification bonus (it is explicit in the fine print).

As with any challenge of this nature there’s a bit of gaming to be played. The challenge registration window is open now through 14 August 2017. That means each TrueBlue member gets to set their start date, up to that cutoff, to maximize the opportunity to qualify. Last year I hit it with $7 extra on day 89; I hope I don’t cut it quite as close this year but I haven’t fully planned it out yet. That said, I’ve been looking for an excuse to fly Mint on another transcon and this just might be it. That played in to my challenge qualifications each of the past three years and I have a few transcon flights coming up in the window.

Mosaic status is certainly not the greatest program on offer but at the entry level is is very compelling, especially for travelers who fly JetBlue a lot (I do) and who change their plans a lot (I do that, too). The fee-free changes on all flights is a huge benefit to me. And free drinks on board doesn’t hurt the play, either.

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