Mobile ticketing with Mozio: Bringing SEPTA into the modern era

I don’t fly into Philadelphia all that often but I’ve done it enough to know that the process of catching a ride on SEPTA from the airport into town mostly sucks. Limited service frequency is one thing but the need to buy tickets from the conductor paying in cash really annoys me. Sure, that’s very #FirstWorldProblem but I still get annoyed by it. Fortunately, I no longer have to worry about that thanks to Mozio.

The startup launched its multi-modal ticketing iOS app (Android coming later this year) in Philadelphia and is featuring SEPTA service between PHL and downtown as part of its push into the market. The 6-month trial program launched last week and is a big boost for Mozio as the company looks to expand its ride booking & navigation platform. Earlier versions were light on mass transit integration making it less appealing to me; I don’t typically need 18 different ways to book a car service from a random airport. Of course, getting in to the mass transit market is rarely easy. Transit operators typically are restrictive on opening access to their systems and given budget challenges they are often unlikely candidates for paying out commissions. Still, the push to get “an app for that” in mass transit is very real and SEPTA is finally playing along, at least in a small way.

The pilot program covers travel between the airport and SEPTA’s five city center stations (University City, 30th Street, Suburban, Jefferson, and Temple). It only works for the purchase of single, one-way tickets. Hopefully the trial is sufficiently successful that the program can expand, though I’m not sure we’ll get from an app to tokens any time soon.

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