Benefits of the Himalayan Salt Lamp

Waner Grier
Nov 23, 2017 · 2 min read

The Himalayan salt has gained increased popularity as more people try to use natural products to enhance their lives. The Himalayan salt lamp is a crystal of the Himalayan and a light placed inside to glow. The glow is associated with a number o benefits for which people use the salt for.

Notably, and confusing is the ability to produce negative ions to the environment. Perhaps, going back to the books could help you understand why one would look for negative ions. Negative and positive ions are made when atoms and molecules lose an electron or gain an extra electron thereby creating a charge. The charge could either be negative or positive or hence make a negative ion or positive ion. The negative ions are in high concentration in natural environments such as waterfalls and forests. The positive ions are highly concentrated in areas like towns and industrial areas. The negative ion makes the body to use more oxygen hence makes one relaxed and more energetic. That is why most people feel reenergized after a storm or when they visit natural scenes. By adding the concentration of negative ions, the Himalayan salt makes the home a better place to be.

Due to the above property, it helps to cleanse the home from effects of electronics such as mobile phones, computers, television and such. Since these devices produce positive ions, it would be good to have the last lame to neutralize the ions and create a better atmosphere. Get additional info here!

The Himalayan salt lamp just like other salts is hygroscopic. In this case, it absorbs water to form the air. The water contained in the air carries various particles and pathogens and allergens. When the salt lamp absorbs the water from the air, it removes the particles it was carrying, therefore, making the air fresher. To read more about the benefits of using natural health products, go to

The light glow produced by the salt lamp is good for sleep. It has been shown that high exposure to blue light, especially at night, can affect the sleep patterns. The low yellow glow produced is soothing and will help you improve your sleep. In fact, anyone having sleep disorders can use the salt lamp as a remedy.

The Himalayan salt lamp has been shown to sooth allergens by removing allergens in the environment. People have the seasonal disorders or allergic to seasonal plants, and scant will get a great reprieve by using the salt lamp. Click Here to get started!