The Dr Chau Chak Wing Building


UTS business school building was designed by Frank Gehry. The frame of this building is very interesting, which be metaphor as ‘the most beautiful brown-paper bag’. Besides, there also has big differences between its front and back’s structure. I personally have more interest on the back design. Frank adopt mirror glass on all of walls. First of all, you can see the sky reflected on the wall in the first picture. But, when the night coming. all the lights are brightly lit, the wall will become transparent. You can also see the interior design through the window. It can show two different views during the day and night.

In addition, this wall’s fame designed by tilted wave shape. It not only shows an aesthetics movement, but also owns the attractive lighting. Due to its special landscape with high surrounded buildings, the low levels’ light was blocked. The above surface incidents more light into the internal space. What’s more, this wall was divided into two slopes. The low level’s inclination is greater than high level. It cannot affect by the surrounding buildings to get more light.

Furthermore, the surroundings make the building a little dark. This wall adopts mirror glass, which can refraction much light to make the surrounding environment brighter.


Peter, Cosgrove- Structure

- ‘the most beautiful brown-paper bag ever’. (Sydney open, 2015

- while a vast glass ‘curtain wall’

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