The Flutterwave CEO is bullying me and it ends today.

5 min readApr 4, 2022

The Oxford dictionary defines bullying as
‘Seeking to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable).’

I have been constantly belittled,lied about,harassed,had my name tarnished and almost arrested because of Olugbenga Agboola the CEO of Flutterwave and I am calling time. It has been almost 5 years of constant harassment and I am over it all.

I decided to quit my job at Flutterwave late 2018. A lot of things happened and in the end I felt like I was not being treated well and rendered my resignation. Before the attempt to paint me as anything but a stellar employee is made,this,from the company Slack channel says otherwise

I asked GB repeatedly to have my dues settled and he ignored me. I informed him I was going to get a lawyer,which he saw as a threat.

So I asked a lawyer to serve them with a letter,which happened.

This letter was sent at close to 1pm.

I immediately began to receive calls from various Flutterwave staff asking to talk and resolve this amicably. I got the following message from the head of HR as well as a call from the COO Bode Abifarin,which I will come to shortly.

Eko Minaj-The Twitter account

The Flutterwave COO Bode Abifarin was asked to resolve my claims and during calls to me and my lawyer mentioned a twitter account.

She and other executives at the company were also maligning my name to my former colleagues as seen in the messages I got below.

I want to pause for a second and point out a few things
1. I asked for my dues multiple times,got no response,infact was threatened and I responded accordingly.
2. Flutterwave paid me my money after having multiple people call me to call off my lawyers;lawyers I had to call because they refused to pay me simply because they thought I would do nothing aka bully me.
3. Without any proof,they accused me of being behind an account calling out the male members of management for sexual harassment.

All of these things hit the key points of bullying;intimidation and coercion but I let it go.

I got introduced to a bank in Nigeria for a role which GB then sabotaged by saying I was a bad worker,a crime in California.

While on a work trip to Ghana in May 2019,my mother called me and told me the police were at her office saying I was involved in some Mpesa fraud with Nigerians..she wasn’t coherent because she was obviously scared but I knew it was Flutterwave before she finished the call.

So I sent GB an email

Thus began some of the most harrowing weeks of my life. Flutterwave,in an attempt to keep doing business in Kenya with Mpesa had kept my number as the contact person on the Mpesa paybill as they had nobody else.It was used by criminals,the police came to me because my number was attached and honestly hounded me and my family. I had to go to the Department of Criminal Investigations with a lawyer to sort it all out. Neither Flutterwave nor their CEO was of any assistance.

To put this into context for anyone outside Kenya;the last major terrorist attack was entirely funded via Mpesa. If this was terrorism related I would have disappeared. No investigation. No shot at clearing my name and my life would have been ruined.

So I sued. Because wasting my time and being negligent with my life deserves to be compensated.

I won a settlement that I thought was too small;I appealed and the case is still in court.


There are rumors of a story coming out on Flutterwave on sexual harassment as well as other improprieties. I know nothing of any of this but GB in an interview that I will not link tries to smear my name referencing the above Mpesa crime,I guess in a bid to I guess make anyone involved not seem credible? I hadn’t spoken to anyone before but more than happy to now. Reach out.

I have already directed my lawyers to issue a cease and desist but when does it end?

I am sick of it to be honest. It has been almost 5 years of constant bullying,trying to malign my name and just make my life more difficult. All of it stemming from me deciding to leave,ask for what is fairly mine AND ask to be compensated for Flutterwave’s negligence.

I have never spoken about the sexual harassment claims at Flutterwave because I don’t have knowledge of them.

However,sexual impropriety is an issue of abuse of power;using power you have over your subordinates to get sexual favors. The same power Olugbenga Agboola has been using to make my life so very hard for so very long simply because I stood up for myself.

It ends today. I am speaking up because when does it stop? When do I stop being the target of a powerful man trying to stick it to me for standing up for myself?