Data-driven art


Scar presentation



I laser cut

The scar was scalded by my birthday candle when I was 11 years old. It actually was a happy moment and I never felt upset about the scar. Come closer to look at the paint and get to know more about the scar. For now, the audience can hear a piece of music that is related to the occasion I remembered.

I use APDS 9960 proximity sensor to get a distance value. The sensor specification lists the sensor can detect a range of 0 cm ~ 20 cm, but when I tested it, it can only detect objects within 10cm.

Initially, I wanted the installation is isolated to a computer. So I brought a mp3 module and a spearker. But the mp3 module didn’t work well. When I connect it to Arduino it can play music but it got overheated. I was afraid of it would burn the Arduino board so I had to use my computer to connect Arduino and play the sound.

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Wanyue (Luna)

Wanyue (Luna)


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