Our Final Event Plan

Well. Where do we begin?

The date is set and it is this Wednesday (the 18th) when we are going to hold our IHL event for our secondary school. This blog post will be a simple run down of every station that we will have- but this will be by no means all we are doing. The event is merely a drop in the bucket to the variety of things that we will be doing to reach many people and teach them about IHL.

Station 1: This station is where we will encourage the student to come up with their own ideas of what the Geneva conventions could be. They will get to write it down on a large white piece of paper with sharpies.

Station 2: The students will move on to a simulation station, where there will be two simulations. The first will teach them what the lives of refugees are like and the second will be RAID cross.

Station 3: Here, we will educate the students particularly how IHL links to gender inequality in armed conflict. There will be two gender box scenarios for the students to learn about how gender inequality links into armed conflict.

Station 4: They will now learn what the real Geneva Conventions are with a huge poster scroll! It will be a fun kind-of educational experience, though!

Stations 5: The students will enter the photo booth with the frames that we have prepared so that they can spread the word on social media. They will then choose if they want to pledge to support IHL by putting their handprint with their name on the long scroll. Following this, they will pin the on our map where they are from so we can truly see the impact of the internationalism and finally they will receive a free cupcake that is either red or white to support the Red Cross!

Our floor plan!

All-in-all, a very exciting week up ahead!

Chloe Gershon

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