Our hard work paid off..

On the 1 st May, I must say the most nerve wracking day I have ever been through in a while. The whole team was unsettled, we had a few exams that day but we were less nervous about the exam than we were about this result. We started even making up scenarios, what if we don’t go to DC, is it the end of the world, we would answer with a no, but we all agreed that we would be devastated. We tried to keep our hopes to the minimum, but the stress was enhanced by the lack of charge in any of our electronic devices, as we were worried that we might miss the email, or that the humanityinwar blog would post the winner and we wouldn't be able to see them. Finally we found a charged laptop, and by then I hot an email from David Sabala our capaign supervisor, who I emailed about 2 times about the results. His email subject was “Congratsss” and as soon as we saw that this happened…

The video isn't uploading, but to summarise this, it was a moment full of tears and hugs and screams of happiness.

We are very grateful for our ability to achieve what we did, and we want to congratulate every other team who got it.

For the millionth time, thank you red cross for such a life changing experience.

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