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Kittens on-chain PvP RPG
Kittens on-chain PvP RPG


The initial mechanics are inspired from Runescape (“RS”). If you’re unfamiliar with RS, it’s one of the most successful MMORPGs ever created. Perhaps the most innovative aspect to RS was the death mechanic and territory-bound PvP. Whether you matched up 1v1 in the Duel Arena, risking gold and glory, or took to the Wilderness to battle multiple foes, the thrill of victory was exciting despite the looming devastation of death. However, unlike many other MMOs– when you died, you always risked losing your gear and inventory. This theme was evident throughout gameplay, as you could lose your rare items and hard earned gold through quests, PvP, and PvE.

Kittens Game Mechanics

The Kittens’ draw on the risk-taking mechanics of RS as well as the current NFT environment. The game is simple, yet exciting and potentially devastating.


The primary theme of Kittens centers around the attack mechanism, allowing for a dynamic NFT environment. A game where your NFT is always (see below) at risk and mutable based on the actions of yourself and other players. In this game, your actions can modify and improve your NFT while also positively or negatively affecting another NFT.


While endless attacking might be fun, not everyone wants to wake up with their rare traits stolen. Therefore, players can defend from attacks. In order to do so, you would be required to initiate a transaction on the blockchain to move from the Attack state to the defend state.


We have shown off many amazing sneak peeks of the current art-work. Many in the community have believed these to be 1/1s. Take note that The Kittens don’t have what are commonly referred to as 1/1s in the NFT universe. Due to the nature of the trait stealing mechanic, this would defeat the point. Rather, we have several rarer traits that are sets. Our goal is to make all of the art in Kittens impressive.

  • Divinity
  • Royalty
  • Golden



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