The War Path : Becoming a “Man”

I’ve watched my generation of millennials fail this beautiful Nation. Sadly, as I looked at my own life, I was no different.

I’d grown fat, lazy and working a job full time in retail, that still left me dependent and a burden. I decided to finally take responsibility for my shortcomings. Create a plan and stick to the path towards becoming a “Man.” This is my path, The war path.

Defining a “Man.”

Before we go further, let’s define a word I’ll be using throughout this blog. A word I aspire to be. A word that millennials have tried to label toxic. Being a “Man.”

First off, “Man/Men” will always being capitalized. It’s a proper title that is earned, and will be respected. Those who have earned the title should be celebrated and upheld as the standard. I’m sick and tired of boys being told they should hate themselves for being a Man. That bullshit ends now.

A Man isn’t gender. All Men were once boys, not every boy becomes a Man. A Man takes care of business, despite the unpleasantness. Whether being independent financially, or being able to defend what he has achieved.

A Man holds himself to the highest standards. He takes care of His Family, home, car and himself. This has nothing to do with the networth but pride in what you do have.

A Man participates in politics. Ignoring the system you live in, is a boys response to a Man’s problem. Local politics will affect your lives far more than national politics. A Man fulfills his civic duties. Which means an educated vote.

As this blog goes on, I will be working areas all over in my life where I’m giving boy responses to a Man issue.

This blog will piss a lot of people off. I’ll never be known for my political correctness. I don’t care about offending women and boy. I write for Men, unapologetically. We lost tradition in this country. A tradition of winning. We must bring Men back to this country. I’m starting with myself.